Friday, April 22, 2011


The GOP has proven to be inadequate in choosing candidates for presidency.  In 2008, the GOP had good candidates but no unified force.   There were 7 running, so how did we get the worst one?   That is easy, the conservatives were split six ways, allowing Senator McCain to prevail.  John McCain was picked by the liberal States like New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey and those states after picking our GOP candidate, gave the Commie-in-Chief their support.

If you want our nation to survive, before the end of the year the Tea Parties across the nation must pick one and only one candidate and fully unite behind him or her.  Then work their tails off to make sure that candidate is on every State GOP ballot. 

All the Tea Party chapters must put their heads together, and pick the “National Tea Party Candidate.”   I trust the Tea Party and its knowledge of the principles and issues, so if my guy or gal didn’t make it, so be it.  I will support the unified Tea Party pick in the GOP Primary.  We will make a difference only if we are unified.  Do not fall prey to talk radio for your information.  Do your own research.  Remember it was the “Holy Trinity of Talk Radio,” Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck who falsely branded Mike Huckabee a Liberal and Mitt Romney a Conservative, only to have Romney usher in McCain.   All three did a hatchet job on Huckabee while forgetting about Mitt’s dismal record as Governor.  Let’s not be blinded by money and rhetoric this time.  Mitt sold out and quit to give McCain the nomination “for the good of the party.”  Well the party is not worth saving if it continues to enable Democrats.  We need a President who is 100% percent Conservative with the strength to stand for those values and reestablish those values as national policy.  That person should have a history of standing on principles and willing to fall on the sword for them.   That President needs to lead and unify the GOP around principles not personnel.  I have always said, “People come and people go, but principles endure forever.”

The Conga-Line of candidates seeking the GOP nomination are gathering and practicing their dance moves and songs.  They are rehearsing and perfecting their performances to get your approval, but we cannot fall for the song and the dance.  We need proven leadership, proven principles, integrity, honesty, strong moral fiber, unquestionable character, and a belief in the One and only God.  The clock is ticking and if we do not have our candidate by November, our Nation will be doomed.

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