Monday, April 18, 2011


Three Debt Ceiling Lies...
     Yes, it may be hard to believe, but when it comes to raising the debt ceiling, politicians on both sides of the aisle are lying to the American people.

     Recently Boehner stated: “We do not want to default on our debt; we should not default on our debt... I think that not raising the debt limit would have serious – very serious – implications for the worldwide economy and jobs here in America. But having said that, we’re just not going to do the typical Washington thing – roll over, increase the debt limit, without addressing the underlying problems.”

     Wow... THREE LIES in one statement. And what's the first lie?

     Simply put, it's the promotion of the idiotic impression that raising the debt ceiling should be used as leverage to, as Boehner put it, force Harry Reid and Barack Obama to address "underlying problems."  Or as Boehner also put it, Republicans will not vote to raise the debt limit unless we’re “taking serious steps in the right direction.”

     Is he serious? Has he gone out of his mind? Raising the debt ceiling is not a bargaining-chip to be used as leverage to address "underlying problems." Raising the debt limit, or more precisely put, Congress' unlimited credit card, IS one of "the underlying problems."

     The United States doesn't have a revenue problem. Our elected officials in Washington have a spending problem and if Republicans in Congress consent to raising Barack Obama and Harry Reid's credit limit, promises of fiscal restraint won't be worth spit.

     As Joseph Farah, editor and publisher of, put it: "By definition, a vote to raise the debt limit permits the Democrats to spend more money than Washington collects. Republicans will, in effect, give Democrats license to keep overspending and increasing debt by approving a debt limit increase."

     Put another way, does Boehner actually believe he can dangle a brand new credit card in Barack Obama's face and effectively say; 'I'll give this card to you only on the condition that you curtail your out-of-control spending habits?'

     Come on Mr. Boehner. Here's a better idea. Cut up Barack Obama and Harry Reid's credit cards by REFUSING to raise the debt ceiling. Make it happen now.

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