Friday, March 18, 2011


Written by Donald Hank with Link submission: 
The article from FedUpUSA that I just now forwarded contained a quote and a link to a source that no longer seems to link to the story -- about the US basing its support on dismantling of the remaining reactors and generators at the crippled Fukushima plant. (It is possible that BBC has pulled the story). However, there are other sources on the internet and they seem legit (see link below).
To give you some background, there is now a regime of rolling blackouts in Northern Japan incl Tokyo.
That means trains are partly disabled, all manufacturing is disrupted, people are without heat and light for long grueling stretches during the day. Food is short, shops are running low of supplies. It is Japan's worst disaster since WW II.
There are also thousands of people in temp shelters all over the highly populated area in a radius of probably over 150 mi around the stricken area.
There is an extreme fuel shortage.
Yes, the reactors are in a perilous situation, but the US administration is pulling a repeat performance of the Gulf spill scenario, trying to force a complete shutdown of vital services and supplies, which will have an absolutely disastrous effects on the Japanese economy if they agree to shut down these remaining reactors. It looks like another example of "never let a good crisis go to waste." (BTW, the communists under Mao used this exact same strategy to seize power).
Of course, they don’t have to accept our aid.
And they probably can't afford to given these draconian demands.
Here is a better link:
Isn't it ironic? The US has never succeeded in bending the will of the North Koreans, who threaten us with their nuclear weapons. Despite their childish games, we continue to send them generous aid. But now comes an ally in desperate need, and we DEMAND that they comply with environmental demands that threaten to cripple the country permanently.
Message: being an ally of the US is suicide. Being an enemy pays big dividends. Hurry and switch sides before it is too late.
Don Hank

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