Tuesday, February 1, 2011


From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team

Dear Conservatives,

The rapidly worsening crisis in Egypt is causing widespread protests with thousands in the streets, riots and looting and fires being set, and attempts to use police and military force to try to maintain control. The government of Hosni Mubarak, who came to power in 1981 when Sadat was assassinated for signing a peace treaty with Israel, is teetering on the edge. Mubarak's family has reportedly fled the country, and analysts question whether officials in Cairo can maintain control of the situation.

For those who have learned the lessons of history, there are many parallels to the events that led to the Islamic Revolution in Iran more than 30 years ago. A strong, almost dictatorial leader (then the Shah of Iran, now Mubarak) who has been positive toward Israel and the United States is being challenged by a radical Muslim movement bent on taking over the country and using the levers of military and economic power to vent their fury on their enemies.

The radical Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group with strong ties to Al Qaeda, is hoping to seize power if Mubarak falls. They would quickly build another radical, terrorism-supporting Islamic republic just like the one in Iran. The news we see unfolding before our eyes represents a grave threat to Israel, and the revolt is not limited to Egypt. It began in Tunisia and has now spread not only to Egypt, but to Yemen and Jordan as well. My contacts in Israel are watching these developments with a growing concern. If Iran gains another partner in terror and destruction on Israel's southern border, the fate of the Jewish people will be grim indeed.

Against this background, it is more urgent than ever that we show God's love to the Jewish people. That's why we worked so hard to get approval to air "The Hiding Place" on Israeli national television and to translate Corrie ten Boom's story of Christian love and sacrifice into many languages so that Jews around the world can hear it. But this airing will be cancelled unless we complete the translation and editing to prepare the movie to air.

We have received an extension of the deadline through the end of this week, but we still urgently need your help. Thus far 630 caring Jerusalem Prayer Team members have stepped forward to help, but we still must have at least 370 more to achieve this vital and important goal. The crisis roiling the nation of Egypt this week and the threat this upheaval poses to the Jewish people shows how urgent it is that we not miss this wonderful open door to share this witness of love with the Jewish people. Please join me right now in praying a commanded blessing on all who will share in meeting this urgent need.

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For the entire forty-one years of my marriage and ministry, God has proven Himself faithful again and again. Please pray and believe with me that God will do for every Jerusalem Prayer Team member whatever they need the most, just as He has done for me so many times. Pray that He will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing they will not have enough room to contain and rebuke the devourer for their sakes as they sow a seed to bless God's Chosen People.

I believe with all my heart that you have a divine appointment with destiny. What you do will impact eternity. This scripture is burning in my spirit:

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14, NIV) 

CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR PROPHETIC GIFT TO STAND FOR ISRAEL: https://www.donation-net.net/CTBF/CTBBookmark.cfm?dn=1032&commID=180511736&ID=507022 

I am asking you as a Jerusalem Prayer Team member to be a part of prophecy. When you send your gift to support this special project, we will send you a special Star of David bookmark. When you send a gift of $40 or more, you will receive the bookmark, the Comfort Ye My People note cards with envelopes, and the Comfort Ye My People notepad.

When you send a gift of $100 or more, you will receive the bookmark, the note cards and the notepad, and we will also send you a special certificate commemorating your investment in this vital cause. In addition, your name will be placed on a special Members Plaque in the ten Boom home and museum in Haarlem to honor your support. 

When you send your gift of $200 or more, you will receive the bookmark, the note cards and the notepad, the special certificate, have your name placed on the Members Plaque in the ten Boom home, and in addition you will receive this special commemorative clock designed especially for Jerusalem Prayer Team members supporting this project in honor of the ten Boom family's long clock making heritage. 

When you send your gift of $2,500 or more, you will receive all of these thank-you gifts, and in addition, your name will be placed on a Legacy Builders Plaque inside the Hiding Place in Corrie's room in the family home in Haarlem. If you choose, you may give your gift in honor or in memory of someone special to you.

CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR PROPHETIC GIFT TODAY AND SELECT YOUR MINISTRY RESOURCE: https://www.donation-net.net/CTBF/CTBBookmark.cfm?dn=1032&commID=180511736&ID=507022

Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team makes it possible for us to launch new outreaches like the Corrie ten Boom Project and continue to stand for the Jewish people during this time of crisis. Thank you for blessing the Chosen People by being part of the team.

Your ambassador to Israel,

Dr. Michael Evans

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