Saturday, February 12, 2011


Submitted by: Myke

Important Rally for All American Patriots - this Sunday, 3:30 pm -- Against Radical Imans

We hope you can plan to attend this rally.  The word is getting out and it is promising to be a BIG event.  Please be counted!  We need to stand up for the American way of life, to dispel what the liberal left is saying about these radical Imams and about the violent Muslim Brotherhood.  We must not learn to tolerate them.  How do we do this?  By rallying against it before it happens.   At Yorba Linda Community Center, this Sunday 3:30pm.  The radical Imams are planning a fundraiser at this location at 5:30pm. We want too occupy the parking lot; let them know they are not welcomed!  We do not want their violence or their Shariah law.

Please read the details and RSVP today.

Music and speakers planned.  Bring a chair.  Thank you for helping to protect our children's future. To visit SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY 912 ~ Tea Party Group, go here:

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