Saturday, February 12, 2011


Submitted by: Donald Hank
A few, brief words from an American - Bill Warner, which will enlighten you very clearly on what is coming to us, in the shape of Islam...and Jihad!
He briefly explains about Mohammed and the importance of Jihad. If you don't understand it, read this and you will! It won't take you long to read it.
Religion of Peace - nonsense! It is their sworn culture, which they all follow. They execute, enslave and torture all who don't comply! Think about THAT one!
The stated aim of ALL Muslims (and which we have even heard clearly said here in England, stated publicly at meetings and also on TV!) is world Islamic domination and rule! Can't say it any plainer than THAT!
You may know some very nice ones, but my advice would be to be very careful
and always remember their beliefs and basic loyalties! Girls....stay well away.
Let's all watch Cairo, for a short while.
Bill Warner clearly says below:-
All Islamic political doctrine is determined by the example of Mohammed.
Mohammed is the ideal Islamic leader. He rose to power by force of arms—jihad. Jihad was critical in his rise to total and absolute power.  This military philosophy was so important that it was given a unique name—jihad.Jihad is practiced by armed force, speech, writing and cash contributions through charities.
There is less Jew hatred in Mein Kampf than in the Trilogy. Ask this question: if Egypt becomes more Islamic, as the Muslim Brotherhood wants, what will the new Egyptian policy be towards Israel?

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