Saturday, March 4, 2023


The Ashbury Revival: Another Planned February Event

Thing is, many in the Bible Believing Baptist KJV churches have this question. Where is the preaching here? Are great men of God expounding the Word of God to those at this revival? this was how all previous great awakenings happened.

By Lewis Brackett

We Can Return to Prosperity without Income Taxes

Tax-Free Foundations are the most evil and harmful institutions in our country. They allow the PSRRC to park their assets tax-free forever. The foundations can then control the ‘woke’ corporations and the world. They can and do fund crazy schemes such as depopulation, etc. Collectively, they are independent of any government and more powerful than most. Tax-Free Foundations must be terminated!

By Andrew Wallace

Official Narratives Are Falling Like Dominoes; Corporate Media in a State of Panic

Maybe even liberals are picking up on the fact that something terrible was unleashed on the world late in 2019, serving as justification for shutting it down in March, 2020, in what was clearly a globally-coordinated effort.

By Steven Yates

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