Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 Edward Moore submits:

The Morning Rant


The Australian Government is going to remove Chinese made cameras from Government buildings over fears of spying. Why did they install them in the first place?

I think they have a little brain damage from boxing with the Kangaroos.


John ‘Uncle Festus’ Fetterman’s Chief of Staff said that Fetterman might have permanent brain damage.

All Liberals have brain damage the only difference is that Fetterman’s is documented and backed up by the medical profession.

So what does Pennsylvania intend to do now? Do they continue to let him serve or vacate his Senate seat?


Biden told Republicans in Congress that he’s their worst nightmare.

No Joey, you’re America’s worst nightmare and your stupidity keeps many of us up at night.


We all know how the Liberal news media just loves to throw accusations of Racism at Republicans every chance they get.

Well it looks like the tables have been turned and they’re now on the receiving end.

Florida Republican and Air Force veteran Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has accused the paper of racism in an article they had written on her. The paper was forced to issue a retraction and apology.

Ms. Luna is of Mexican heritage.


Wow! I never thought I’d see a story like this come out of San Francisco.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins who replaced former George Soros bought District Attorney Chesa Boudin who was recalled is dropping manslaughter charges against a Rookie Police Office with three days on the job.

DA Jenkins says that the charge was politically motivated.

Every once in a while you see a rare glimmer of sanity in California. Don’t get excited, it’s just a glimmer.


A Los Angeles restaurant has stopped accepting CASH because of CRIME.

This folks is just one of the ingredients that will be thrown into the mix to push for a CASHLESS Society.

It’s all part of the Globalist New So Called Utopian World Order.

One side effect will be no more donations in the Church Basket, which will have an impact on Religion. Also something the Globalist want to see happen.

Remember, Religion, as it is, has to be destroyed for their DYSTOPIAN society to become a reality.

Strap yourself in because this World is in for a rough ride in the not too distant future.


This may be an eye opener for New York Liberal teachers.

New York City teachers who refused to get the COVID vaccine had their FINGERPRINTS sent to the Corrupt FBI and the New York Criminal Justice Service.

It appears that America’s Public Enemy #1 Randi ‘WHINE GARDEN’ is missing in INACTION regarding this.

She’s busy confusing young children about their sexuality.


Remember when no Government on earth would acknowledge the existence of UFO’s and blame unexplained sightings on weather balloons, swamp gas or anything else they could think of? Now it seems the Chinese are warning people to be very careful in case they have to shoot one down.

Now I can’t say with any certainty that UFO’s exist, but I doubt very much if the Chinese air force is engaging them.

I’m guessing that the Chinese are going to start blaming Aliens for all the spy equipment they have in the skies around the world.

Hey maybe this will piss the real Aliens off and they’ll show up to defend themselves.


20 State Attorney Generals are demanding answers from both the Corrupt FBI and DOJ regarding a memo that was labeling Catholics as ‘Potential Terrorists.’

This is the way that The Globalist view Catholics who will probably be against their new ‘ONE WORLD RELIGION’ agenda.

Is there any doubt in your mind just who the Corrupt FBI & DOJ work for?   It certainly isn’t the American Public.


A 32-year-old North Carolina BLACK man died after Police used a stun gun on him. The camcorder allegedly shows the man telling Police that he had a heart condition. The man was being arrested for drug possession. If he was so concerned about the impact that the stun gun was going to have on his health, why didn’t he just comply with the Police? He wasn’t going to be doing time in The Big House; it was probably only a summons and fine.

According to his Aunt he was being profiled. I didn’t think they even used that terminology anymore.

They’re probably just learning it down in North Carolina.


After going over the Chinese spy balloon that we shot down it was found that some of the components were made in AMERICA and even had English writing on them.

I shit you not. The Chinese were using American made parts in their spy balloon. Just when you think this world we live in couldn’t get any crazier.

It seems that it’s the everyday working people around the world who get screwed over; everyone else in the corporate world has already signed on with the Globalist.

They’re just waiting for our generation, our children’s generation and maybe our grandchildren and then they’ll have the world they’ve been working so long and hard to create.

America, the great experiment in Democracy didn’t really last all that long, did it?

We were all blessed to have lived in a great country.

In the words of Chad & Jeremy, “But That Was Yesterday And Yesterday’s Gone.”


Congressman Jim Jorden sent Loony Liberal Democrats into a tailspin when he said; are you ready for this? Only Americans should vote. Can you imagine such a crazy radical idea? You would think that the people the Democrats want to be able to vote actually snuck into OUR country.


In a country that is supposed to be, ”One Nation Under God” was it really necessary to sing the Black National Anthem at the Super Bowl? This is yet another "Thumb In The Eye" to America by the Black Community. The politicians love this, as it’s just another way to divide us.

Maybe we should make a deal with one of the African countries and ship them all there so they can sing their National Anthem until their hearts are content.

Let's start a Go Fund Me account.


It doesn’t take much to set the Crazy Liberals off. They’re all bent out of shape because Elon Musk was sitting next to Rupert Murdoch at the Super Bowl game. If that wasn’t bad enough they really lost their minds when they showed an ad for the Greg Gutfeld Show and called him “The King Of Late Night.”

I guess it didn’t dawn on the boobs that Fox was showing the game and it made sense that they would be pushing their own shows.


I didn’t watch the Super Bowl so I was unaware of the two Religious ads that were shown, but unsurprisingly it has the Left all upset, especially the number one moron in Congress, AOC.


At some time in the very near future Democrats are going to have to have a very uncomfortable conversation regarding John Fetterman.

They can’t continue to stick their heads in the sand and ignore his health situation. The man is not a functioning politician no matter how much they play make believe.

He’s just a Democratic bench warmer and vote caster, nothing more. It’s good for the party, but bad for America.


Sanity In South Dakota: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed legislation prohibiting health care professionals from performing sex reassignment surgeries and giving puberty blockers and hormones to minors.

Basically it’s ‘CHILD ABUSE’ legislation. It’s a shame that Common Sense has to be legislated.

The Democratic Party is the Party of INSANITY. Unfortunately there aren’t enough mental facilities in the country to house them all.


The Selling Of America: Chinese investors own 384 thousand acres of agriculture land in America.

How stupid do you have to be to think that this is a good idea?

Hey folks, the Chinese are our enemy in case you haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe youll figure it out when they control our food supply.


RINO and Weasel Lindsey Graham is once again showing his true colors and stabbing Republican voters in the back.

This dick head is proposing an Amnesty Act for 2 million illegal immigrants. Who do you think he’s teaming up with for this, none other than one of the biggest pieces of shit in politics, Dick Head Dick Durbin?


Speaking of political dick heads, we can’t leave out the biggest of all, Rubber Chin Mitch McConnell.

In recent poll the Chin’s favorability rating was worse than George Santos the lying Drag Queen.

How does McConnell keep getting elected?


Nikki Haley who spoke out against Trump over the January 6th demonstration has thrown her hat into the ring as a presidential candidate in 2024. When Donald Trump has left the stage it may be her time, but she’s just not ready for Prime Time yet.

The lack luster response to her announcement should be an indicator.


Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea. She received an education at Columbia University. On Fox & Friends Ms. Park said that her education at Columbia was brainwashing, akin to what she went through as a student in North Korea.

The only difference is that dopey parents are paying criminal tuitions to have their children brainwashed.

It’s just another example of why America is circling the drain.

We’ve fed our children to the SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST MACHINE.


With all the shitty music out there today, maybe it’s time to pull out and dust off all our old vinyl records and start listening to them again.

‘Come On Baby, Let’s Do The Twist.’



Democratic Rep. Angie Craig who was attacked in her Washington D.C. elevator by a homeless man is now calling for a crackdown on repeat offenders. It’s funny how that works. One incident and this Liberal twat waffle has seen the light. Welcome to the real world Angie.


Like my father used to say, “A Liberal is just someone who hasn’t been mugged yet.”


Yes, Yes, Yes. I saw an article that said parents should be able to SUE Public Schools for MALPRACTICE.

There’s nothing like a little lawsuit to rein in these Liberal asshole teachers who are destroying our children.

The first person I’d like to see dragged into court would be the Queen of Douche bags Randi ‘WHINE GARDEN.’

I would go a step further and ask that criminal charges be levied against them. Nothing would lift my spirits more than seeing some Liberal pieces of shit teachers taken out of school in handcuffs. That would be great.

The charge would be CHILD ABUSE.


Does California Governor Gavin Newsom really think that his attacks on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are distracting people from the way he’s screwing up his own state?

Gavin Newsom should look up the word ‘EXODUS’ in the dictionary.

A half million people have fled California in the last two years. I just hope they all remember why they left the state and don’t destroy their new home state.


I think that the Crazy Liberal Left is more afraid of Ron DeSantis than they are of Donald Trump.

They’ve more or less got Trump tagged and labeled as a loud mouth buffoon who they can handle and even if elected won’t get anything passed. He’s just an annoying four-year bump in the road.

Ron DeSantis on the other hand doesn’t rant and rave and is a better speaker than Trump whom they fear will appeal to the middle of the road voters and if elected would be a thorn in their side for eight years.

Watch for the Big Knives to come out if and when DeSantis throws his hat into the ring.


Is California’s relic Senator Dianne Feinstein retiring or not? I don’t think even she knows from one day to the next.

She is way past her political shelf life. If she was canned goods I’m pretty sure that ‘BOTULISM’ would have set in by now.


R.I.P………Raquel Welch passed over at 82 years of age. Remember her from One Million Years B.C.? She gave many a young lad a boner running around in that little loin cloth. A very pretty lady.

PS…A little trivia. In the movie The Shawshank Redemption her poster from One Million BC was hanging in Andy Dufresne’s prison cell covering the hole he was digging through the wall.


A teacher in California was fired because she said that she wouldn’t conceal and lie to parents regarding their children’s sexual transition. She said that she couldn’t be a Christian and a teacher. 

Wow! That’s one damning statement regarding teachers. Hopefully she’ll find a position in a Catholic school.

If someone took a poll I bet prostitutes rate higher than teachers. They certainly aren’t as bat shit crazy.


Joey did it again. 

He referred to Wes Moore, Maryland’s first Black Governor as “BOY.”

Joey just can’t help himself. The Democrats and the media will keep covering for Joey until he collapses at the podium and even then they'll make excuses for his mental and physical health.


Only Demented Progressive Liberals could hate a Super Bowl ad featuring Jesus promoting unity. We all know that UNITY isn’t something that works for them. They prefer DIVISION much more. The last thing they want is for people to get along. Remember, without victims there is no Democratic Party.

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