Sunday, January 8, 2023



CHILD PREDATORS: California School District Facilitating Gender Transitions on Children Without Parental Consent

Perverting children. Makes one physically ill. It's as if the Democrats are competing with the devil to sink to new lows of depravity.

What’s behind it all, the left’s malevolent goal is the destruction of our most basic and beautiful ...

Here’s What Concessions Were Made in Battle for Speaker of the House

We shall see, won't we? But huge props to the Freedom Caucus for getting it done.

McCarthy’s Concessions to Freedom Caucus and What They Mean

Newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) had to make numerous concessions to win ...

In 2022, The IRS Went After the Very Poorest Taxpayers

And so many of them vote Democrat — Stockholm Syndrome.

I am sure they are comforted in their freezing beds in the knowledge that Ukraine is living large on their dime.

In 2022, the IRS Went After the Very Poorest Taxpayers

By: Liz ...

Vaxxed Into Early Graves: This Week’s Young Victims Who Died Suddenly….

Bear in mind, these young people are the healthiest and fittest among us…..

Still the CDC and the and FDA continue to completely ignored safety signals: CDC's VAERS Safety Signal Analysis

Here are the latest victims – bigwave surfer, ...

Kevin McCarthy Elected Speaker After Making Major Concessions To Freedom Caucus On 15th Vote After Extraordinary Fight on House Floor

The Freedom Caucus negotiated major concessions.In the final analysis, the twenty members of the House Freedom Caucus (great American heroes) cand and will bring everything to a dead stop if Keven McCarthy violates the deal.

No speaker race had ...

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