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Dies Suddenly: University of Pittsburgh Student Lindsay Heck Dies Suddenly At 25 Years Old

UPitt Pharma student Lindsay Heck has #diedsuddenly at 25 years old. “Lindsay loved teaching students, doing research, running multiple vaccine clinics, and sharing her passion and knowledge with others”  Her father died of cardiac arrest two ...

Died Suddenly: Former Alabama Running Back Dead at 42

We are getting multiple reports daily now. There is nothing normal about the new normal.

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Former Alabama running back Ahmaad Galloway found dead at 42: report

Galloway was working as a teacher at a St. Louis ...

Died Suddenly: Colorado College Tennis Player Has Died Suddenly at 20 Years Old

It's a massacre.

Photo courtesy of Colorado College

16-Year-Old Basketball Player Suffers Stroke While in School
Kindergarten Student in Ohio Dies Suddenly
17-Year-Old Basketball Player Dies Suddenly at Home
US Air Force Academy ...

Facebook Admits It Suppressed ‘Often-True Content’

“Many think social media companies only censored “vaccine misinformation.” But a recently-released email shows Facebook reassuring the White House that they were censoring “often-true content” that “does not contain actionable ...

CDC and FDA Opens Large Scale Investigation into COVID Vaccines Link To Strokes

Two years, too late. How many dead? What about heart attacks?

They're investigating themselves. This will amount to nothing more than a cover-up.

CDC and FDA Opens Large Scale Investigation into COVID Vaccines Link To Strokes

Two years ...

Media Blackout Over Islamic Terror Attack At Vegas Solar Power Plant

A Muslim is facing terror-related charges after police said he rammed his car through a gate at a solar plant outside Las Vegas and set his car on fire, disabling the huge facility, the 8 News Now Investigators have learned. Nothing to see here. No ...

Biden Regime Gives ‘Temporary’ Amnesty to Thousands of Somalis Living in U.S.

Jihad immigration. Somalia (Black Hawk Down) was one of the terror nations (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) under the Trump national security travel ban because it caused a grave threat to the homeland. Biden is throwing open ...

Think Tank Simulation Predicts ‘Heavy’ Losses on All Sides, Including US, If China Invades Taiwan

Horrific. The Biden Administration has decimated America's deterrence and credibility. As such, China launching a military invasion against Taiwan is looking much more likely. Be prepared for the possibility of a major military conflict in Asia in ...

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