Saturday, January 7, 2023


The DC District of Corruption

McCarthy wants the Speakership again. He claims he is owed it, but a few conservatives are refusing the neo-con Trotskyite continuum. The Congressman threatens endless war against conservatives over speakership failure. Now the folks who are holding back voting for him, have made McCarthy put in writing his verbal promises.

By Kelleigh Nelson

American Renaissance (AmRen) Conference (November 18-20, 2022)

AmRen conferences have become the most important mainstay of discussions on American white interests and survival, sometimes intentionally misinterpreted as white nationalism and/or white supremacy. Begun in 1994, and initially held biannually, they are now annual events that attract about 250 to 300 people, many of whom are repeat attendees.

By Sidney Secular

What’s the Point of the GOP?

It begins with our expectations. When we cast a vote for a representative of some office, we vote with an expectation that the person, if elected, will follow through with what they told us they would do if elected. However, as often as not, we’ve been disappointed in that regard.

By Jeffery Dover

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