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Wednesday –

January the 25th, 2023




Former Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem candidly discusses information further demonstrating the corruption of the electoral process across America.  Our conversation is NOT a rehash of election sour grapes.  

Arizona is one of six states that were targeted to collapse the electoral process so no longer would  candidates be elected fairly by the citizens, but “selected” by the drug cartels, George Soros and Marxists coupled with members of the “uniparty cabal” housed in the Washington, DC swamp spreading tentacles into key states. 

            Please further distribute this program on your mailing lists.  Americans need to know the fight to which we are engaged.  Choosing to sit on the sidelines so as not to get muddy is not going to work.  Much like our founders pleaded for shop keepers, butchers and candle stick makers, farmers, blacksmiths, pastors and a good cross-section of every day colonists needing to come together to fight for the founding of this land meant to be free, we are engaged yet again in a mammoth struggle to now retain our freedoms and the principles that forged this exceptional nation.  Please do not simply sit back and wait for someone else to get into the trench.  You can distribute this information along with other solid information from folks working to expose the diabolical attacks to collapse America as we have known her and enjoyed.  Hold elected officials truly accountable and cause them to answer you thoroughly and plainly.  Consider sending a contribution to programs that are already engaged fighting this good fight. 

            To assist me, go to ZELLE 602-826-7300.  Also, please pray for those engaged in keeping America from going under, and trying to bring our nation back to what President Ronald Reagan once said, “America is a shining city on a hill” (Matthew 5:14).



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