Sunday, January 22, 2023


Stop World Control

A Central Bank Digital Currency is humanities worst nightmare

The central banks are preparing to replace all physical funds with a digital currency, the CBDC (Central Bank Digital currency). This will give them full control over humanity, as they can monitor every transaction, limit what you can spend, and even delete your funds at will.

Digital currency

It is promoted as something that will make our lives easier. The truth is, it would mean total tyranny for all of humanity. Our digital funds would be connected to our digital ID, which will be connected to our vaccine status.

Imagine no longer being able to acces your own funds, when your digital ID shows that you haven’t received your umpteenth vaccine booster. Or envision how your spending would be limited, as the result of posting something on social media that the government doesn't like.

Or worse: what if governments simply erase your assets because you don’t agree with their policies?

This has been happening already with services like P@yPal, where thousands of accounts were closed, because people engaged in activities that oppose tyranny. Several American banks froze the accounts from people who participated in events that defend basic human rights. In Canada, America, The Netherlands, India, China and other nations countless people already experience it.

A Central Bank Digital Currency would make this kind of tyranny mainstream, as it is the perfect tool to control the public.

Similar to what we are seeing on Facebook, and YouTube: when you post something that exposes the agenda of the criminal elites, the post is either removed, you are blocked, or worse: your entire account is deleted, because it “violates community guidelines”.

Do you think this will stay limited to social media? Once they have full control over your resources, you can bet they will steal them from people at will, because they “violate community guidelines”. It happens all the time in China, and as we know from the documents published by the Rockefeller Foundation and World Economic Forum, China is their perfect example. What happens in China, they want to export to the entire world.

The European Union for example is going all out on forcing a digital currency. There is nothing national governments can do to stop it, as they have been so stupid to surrender all power into the hands of the European Union.

A CBDC would unleash tyranny onto humanity, the likes of which this world hasn't seen before.

It is critical that we rise up against this. They count on us doing nothing. We must become heroes who take powerful steps. Let’s surprise them by exposing this worldwide. It is imperative that we share this truth by all means possible. Forget our differences, and join in the common fight against this nefarious agenda.

Is there any hope, to escape this nightmare? Yes! I am talking to several people who are building alternative financial systems. More about this later...

If you are able to, then please help us continue this work. It is critical for us. Thank you! Go here to support us.

A bright Dutch filmmaker made a powerful documentary "STATE OF CONTROL" to warn the world about the danger of a Central Bank Digital Currency. Watch, and share far and wide!


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