Tuesday, December 20, 2022



Touch Not the Apple of His Eye

In Deuteronomy 32:10, Moses declared that all God’s people, could confidently ask God to keep them a reflection on God’s iris. The words of the Prophet Zachariah promise that those who hurt God’s people will pay, for God constantly keeps His people in the iris of His eye.

By Kelleigh Nelson


Open Letter To Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (SCOTUS)

Justice Thomas, I know you to be a good, even great man and I know you are one of the few who has the position, intellect and courage to save our country from total ruin. We are close to a Major Economic Collapse of a magnitude never seen in America which will leave us devastated.

By Andrew Wallace


Personality Changes and Heart Damage After Covid Vaccine

All vaccinated for Covid are in grave trouble. Once the spike protein is in the body it cannot be taken out. I believe that many will die over the next few months. As if the above information was not bad enough, there will be many more dying as a result of auto immune diseases when the body attacks itself secondary to the antibodies that come from the spike proteins.

By Dr. John Ure, MD


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