Saturday, December 24, 2022

Jackie Juntti submits:

 So thrilled to go to Mark Corrrell's web page and find new items to learn from.


Pastor Mark has been undergoing care for cancer so this is a prayer answered for sure


Here is the web URL


I just listened to the 12/14/22 Prophecy in todays news and  can't urge others enough to listen to it.


Since I am not one to *celebrate* *holidays* (handing over money to the commercial purveyors of STUFF) I have time to spend on what the current *holiday* is supposed to be about and that is the spiritual (as under God the Creator) focus.


I hope many will link to this podcast and find time to listen to it and the others by Pastor Mark Carroll.


Jackie Juntti


Do you worship the Creator or do you worship the Creation?

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