Tuesday, December 27, 2022



Celeb-Funded Bail Group Closed After Helping Criminal Who Went On Crime and Shooting Spree

Danny Glover, John Legend and Richard Branson…..these dangerous, self-indulged morons, living behind iron gates with their own private security, never have to live with the consequences of their bone-headed, hate-filled actions.

Bail group ...

2022: Biden’s Biggest Lies

Check out these whoppers. 81 million votes!

7 Big Biden Lies of 2022

BY: Spencer Brown, Townhall, December 24, 2022:\

As 2022 and President Biden's first full calendar year in office comes to an end, the White House has been trying to ...

CATASTROPHIC: Twitter COVID FILES: US Govt Censored Content, Suspended Users, Targeted “Anti-Vaxxers”, Promoted Fear

We have no constitution. Like us, the Constitution has been suspended.

All of us who were permanently suspended from Twitter for Covid or election truths were removed by order of the US government. America has been torn asunder.  Put that in ...

Huge Spikes in Neonatal Deaths Following Vaccine Rollout, Data from Major Israeli Health Insurer Show

The greatest failed medical experiment in human histroy. And the criminals are still in charge demanding people receive the poison.

Two spikes in neonatal deaths to be investigated as review announced:

Official figures reveal that the rate ...

Top School Principal Hides Students’ Academic Awards in Name of ‘Equity’

Is there anything more racist and denigrating? Minority children and their parents should be appalled at the vile bigotry of low expectation.

Top school principal hides students’ academic awards in name of ‘equity’

Thomas Jefferson ...

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