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Kari Lake Trial Bombshells: Data Expert Testifies ‘No Doubt’ She Would Have Won

“We can conclude with a degree of mathematical certainty that this affected this chunk of voters. Is That enough to have changed the outcome? And I am offering the opinion that that range is enough to put the outcome in doubt.”

2022 ...

Disqualifying Trump Without a Verdict: ‘Disqualification Without Conviction’ Is Emerging as a Democratic Strategy

This is tyranny – American-style.


Treasonous DOJ Spied on House Intelligence Committee Investigators To Take Out Trump Administration
Jan. 6 Quisling Committee Makes Criminal Referral Against Donald Trump and Associates ...

Democrats’ Obscene $1.7 Trillion Spending Orgy Includes Extra Funds for DOJ to Pursue More Illegal Jan. 6 Political Prosecutions

We write the checks for this depravity. Paying for our demise.

Pelosi’s $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill Contains Billions in Wasteful Spending

Daily Wire: Critics are howling at spending perks and rules littered throughout the $1.7 trillion ...

Obscene Spending Bill Creates “Nancy Pelosi Federal Building”

Why do we name buildings, roads, tunnels etc after politicians. They are the worst of humanity. They create nothing, invent nothing, contribute nothing – they plunder and destroy. That said, honoring Pelosi is a defiles the American taxpayer. ...

Joe Biden Blurts Out Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Dead’ — But He “Can’t Announce’ It

Another public embarrassment for President Biden. Expect a retraction and spin from the Biden Administration in the days ahead. What a joke.

WOW: US President Joe Biden @POTUS is asked here if he can announce that the #JCPOA is dead. He says ...

Saying ‘American’ Is Now RACIST And Stanford University’s List of Other UNACCEPTABLE WORDS

The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative is a “multi-phase” project of Stanford’s IT


“Stanford University” – now there's an unacceptable term.

What will it take for the people rise against this leftist scourge ...

Biden Regime to Drop Half a Million on Artificial Intelligence That Detects “Microaggressions” on Social Media

Full on police state.

Intel Agencies Capability to Impose “Total Tyranny” In America on NBC’s Meet the Press 1975

Biden Admin to Drop Half a Million on Artificial Intelligence That Detects Microaggressions on Social Media ...

Democrat Congress Gives Corrupt Dictator Zelensky Standing Ovation As He Demands More US Money

The Congress's worst moment. Ever.

The now perennially embarrassing Congress just gave corrupt dictator Zelensky a standing ovation after he demanded more money from us, the relentlessly besieged American taxpayer. He said he hasn't been give ...

ABC Reporter Paid Thousands By Lobbying Firm To Write Hit Pieces On Targeted Politicians

That half of the country still sets get store by these jackals is our biggest obstacle…..

An ABC producer used her credentials to create fake hit pieces on local politicians in Florida while pocketing thousands from a political lobbying firm, ...


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