Wednesday, September 14, 2022



America Bracing For Chaos And Pain As Tens of Thousands Railroad, Portt, and Hospital Workers Set to Strike

Everything the Democrat regime touches turns to shit. What normal human being would vote for this horror? The midterms should be a complete rout.

US braces for national railroad strike costing up to $2b-a-day and threaten supply chain chaos ...

GOP Sues North Carolina Elections Board For Allegedly Breaking Mail-In Balloting, Election Observer Laws

Finally the lethargic party of do-nothing slugs have taken some action to challenge the those eliminating our free and fair elections and the Republican itself.

The North Carolina Republican Party filed a lawsuit against the state’s Board of ...

Democrat Stooge Brian Stelter Joins Harvard University Faculty To Lecture on “Democracy”

What next? Khalid Sheik Muhammad giving political activism seminars?

Harvard tuition is $55,000 a year and they expect the good and decent hardworking American to pick up the tab for this evil propaganda.

Brian Stelter goes right from CNN ...

“Moderate” Democrat Charlie Crist Compares Himself to Jesus Christ, Calls Opponent Ron DeSantis “DeSatan”

Charlie Crist Compares Himself to Jesus Christ, Calls Opponent Ron DeSantis “DeSatan”

Daily Caller: A video recently surfaced showing Democratic candidate for Florida governor Charlie Crist comparing himself to Jesus Christ and his ...

Joe Biden: “This is the United States of Gomorrah”

He hopes. It's the first accurate thing this cracked child-sniffin, incestuous pedo has said.

This is the United States of GOMORRAH for God's sake. Gomorrah meaning a den of vice & corruption.

— Roxyferry ...


“It began shortly after January 6th and Republicans as usual, just as they were after the death of George Floyd, were so intimidated by the aggression of the rhetoric from the other side that they let it happen.”

Fox News host Tucker ...

NBC LIES, DECLARES “INFLATION FELL” After Inflation Comes In HIGH, Stock Markets Plummets

These propaganda whores for the most destructive regime in American history are lying, deceiving and shitting all over the American people. The enemedia hates you.

NFLATION HIGH, Rose 8.3% in August, Stock Market TANKS, Falls More than 600 ...

INFLATION HIGH, Rose 8.3% in August, Stock Market TANKS, Falls More Than 600 800 Points

Consumer prices rose 8.3% last month, holding near a four-decade high despite lower gasoline prices. The index rose 0.1% on the month. Core prices, stripping out energy and food costs, increased 6.3%, up sharply from July.

Dow Falls More Than ...

Iran threatens: Our ‘specially designed’ suicide aircraft can strike Tel Aviv and Haifa

Iran continues to ramp up its rhetoric against Israel, while the Biden Administration begs Iran's leaders to re-enter the JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal). How long before Israel is forced to finally take military action against Iran's military and ...

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