Sunday, September 18, 2022



I have bad news for you, fellow patriot...

The FBI has become weaponized against MAGA Republicans and is now the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party.  

From raiding Mar-a-Lago to confiscating phones from pillow salesmen, the FBI has its sights locked on Donald Trump and his supporters. All while Hunter Biden walks free.

But we’re fighting back. I am in the process of interviewing whistleblowers from the FBI who have come forward with serious allegations against FBI leadership for trying to bury Hunter’s Laptop from Hell


Friend, we already know they colluded with the DOJ and the National School Boards Association to label concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.”  

If we wait any longer to end these political witch hunts, they’ll be coming for you next. 

That’s why I’m asking you to join this MAGA Movement and help us FIGHT BACK with all we’ve got. We need more MAGA Republicans like you, friend, to take a stand with us.

Thanks for your support,

Matt Gaetz

Republican, FL-01


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