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Did you see Tuesday’s email from Dr. Paul calling on Congress to hold those who lied about Covid accountable?

Just yesterday, the British Medical Journal published a very telling new study. Experts admit drug regulators, which are largely funded by the very industries they are sworn to regulate, are prime examples of "institutional corruption."

The study found 65% of the FDA’s budget now comes from the drug industry, and in other countries’ health agencies, the figure was higher.

But while half of the Covid vaccine committee members in Australia declared financial conflicts of interest, less than 10% of those at the FDA owned up to their own corrupting conflicts.

If you’ve seen the footage of Dr. Fauci squirming when pressed by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on his own financial conflicts of interests, you might know why.

Experts say “it is no longer possible for doctors and patients to receive unbiased, rigorous evaluations from drug regulators.”

And now, these hopelessly corrupted bureaucrats are telling people to dose their children, even infants, with these still-experimental drugs.

It’s beyond disgusting.

If these vaccines are unsafe – and there’s a rapidly mounting body of evidence suggesting as much – some would say imposing ill-tested vaccines on infants is a crime against humanity.

Of course, if gain-of-function research sponsored by these financially compromised bureaucrats is what truly unleashed Covid on the world – and there’s a mounting body of evidence suggesting as much – that would most certainly be the greatest crime against humanity perpetrated in our lifetime.

So please, take a moment to remind Congress to do its job. Click here to send your e-postcard and DEMAND they conduct a full investigation and hold people accountable.

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In case you missed it, Dr. Paul’s email from Tuesday is included below.

For Liberty,

John McCardell
Executive Director
Campaign for Liberty


The government’s demented Covid policies have devastated the American people in every way.

And nobody is being held accountable – even as their lies unravel.

When the government first rolled out the Covid vaccines, they promised us the world – and they lied through their teeth.

“The vaccines are perfectly safe!” they declared, despite the vaccines having never been properly tested to determine whether they would change human genetic material, cause birth defects, reduce fertility, or cause cancer.

Now a new study has shown they decrease sperm counts for at least five months (when the study ended).

“The vaccines will stop the transmission of Covid!” they declared, which now everyone admits is untrue.

Nevertheless, countless public and private entities – government agencies, public schools and colleges, corporations – demanded their employees get vaccinated as a condition of employment.

Even though the only legal basis for requiring people take a vaccine without their consent is that vaccines prevent the spread of an illness to others. That’s the only legitimate basis in American law.

And just two weeks ago, it was revealed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services could require healthcare workers, suppliers, and volunteers be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to remain eligible for federal funding, but at the same time, the government enforcers of this mandate aren’t obligated to follow the same rules.

“People who are vaccinated can’t get Covid!” we were told incessantly. But as former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx recently admitted in a congressional hearing, they knew as far back as January 2021 – weeks after its release – this was untrue.

Think of it. As far back as January 2021, Anthony Fauci, the man running America’s response to Covid and the highest-paid government employee, told America Covid was “now an outbreak among the unvaccinated.”

It was no small lie, it was a Big Lie, intended to spread fear and hatred among the American people against the smart people who distrusted the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

It was a lie to force more lockdowns and shutdowns and mandates and to flex their elitist muscles.

They lied about the experimental jabs even being vaccines in the traditional sense of the word, to trick the public into taking these experimental drugs that bear no resemblance to actual vaccines.

They treated the world population as their lab rats.

And perhaps worst of all, they lied about their own role in promoting gain-of-function research, which more and more evidence continues to show is most likely the true origin of Covid.

If that’s truly happened, our own government, and the Chinese government, perpetrated a reckless experiment that caused the deaths of millions and the misery of billions.

All of the economic devastation, drug abuse, suicide, loss of opportunity, destruction of community . . . all of it was caused by Covid.

What is the House Oversight Committee up to this week? A hearing on workplace misconduct by the Washington football team.

And yet there have been scarcely any calls for an investigation into the origin of a likely man-made virus that we’re told killed nearly one million Americans?!

Lee S, their silence and their inaction is their complicity. We must demand our lawmakers do their job.

If our representatives won’t hold those responsible accountable, you and I must hold our representatives and those responsible accountable.

Take a moment to send an electronic postcard to your U.S. Representative and demand he or she call for a full investigation into the origin of Covid-19 – and hold those responsible accountable.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) admitted to funding gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at China’s Wuhan lab, despite Anthony Fauci insisting repeatedly to Congress that no such thing happened.

As my son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), noted in a Senate hearing, Fauci even changed the definition of the term “gain-of-function” to allow himself to make that claim.

The 900 pages of documents obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request make it clear that assertions made by former NIH Director Francis Collins and NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, claiming the NIH did not support gain-of-function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at Wuhan lab, were lies.

According to emails, Fauci and Collins even colluded to smear and discredit the epidemiologists who authored the Great Barrington Declaration, which opposed lockdowns. Collins said there needed to be “a quick and devastating published takedown of its premises.” He wanted no dissent or alternative views . . . views that are turning out to be true!

Then there was Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, which conducted the gain-of-function research, who spearheaded the cover-up very early on in the pandemic with a letter in the medical journal The Lancet to mock and dismiss the possibility the virus could have leaked from a lab, insisting it was zoonotic, knowing his Fauci-funded research was at risk.

And yet months later, EcoHealth was receiving millions more dollars in federal grants despite their lies, cover-ups, and complicity.

It is unbelievable and unconscionable that Congress has failed to investigate this, and only a few members of Congress like Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, and Ron Johnson have called for a full investigation.

Take a moment to remind Congress to do its job. Click here to send your e-postcard and DEMAND they conduct a full investigation and hold people accountable.

Then, please consider pitching in $25, $50, $100, or even $250, $500, or $1,000 so Campaign for Liberty can rally more liberty activists to force accountability and hold Congress’ feet to the fire!

You and I must keep the pressure on Congress to uncover the lies and find the truth – and then take action against those who pushed the lies and half-truths on us!

Thanks for all you do for Liberty,

Ron Paul
Campaign for Liberty

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