Friday, December 6, 2019

GELLER REPORT 12/06/2019

Today's Headlines


VILE EU Council Head seen making pointing gun gesture at President Trump’s back

That gun is pointed at US. And we saved these vile ingrates from the Nazis. We will never get their teeth out of our neck? #NeverAgain

Destroying the USA is the Democrats’ agenda

@NYtimes says Dems shouldn't pass USMCA because it would help America. Once America removes her rose-colored glasses (& the coup is doing just that) they will see the Dems' war on Americanism - individualism, freedom, capitalism.

House Judiciary Committee: Next Impeachment Hearing on Same Day as IG Report Exposing Democrat High Crimes and Treason

Deliberate much?
Further proof that the #impeachment hoax is designed to cover-up Dem treason while generating anti-Trump press in the complicit press.

Attorney General Barr Indicts Eight Individuals for Illegally Funneling Millions In Foreign Money To Clinton’s Campaign in 2016

Big news (deliberately) overshadowed by the #impeachment hoax.
One of the men arrested was a star witness for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia hoax....

Authoritarianism: Democrat Candidates Pledge Social Media Free Speech Crackdown #Nazis

The end of the first amendment is the end of America. And that is the mission of the Democrats - the destruction of America, individualism and freedom. Evil ideas are dangerous only by default of men advocating better ideas.

In its continuing war against the American people, Pelosi vows to continue impeachment farce/coup #KilltheCoup

It's all about the daily headlines. Hust like the Russia hoax. #KillTheCoup

House Parades Anti-Trump “Witnesses” Before Judiciary Committee #ImpeachmentHearings

They got nothing. So they trot out left-wing professors to hit on the Prez. Who will they call next? ISIS?

Our Man at NATO: Trump Suddenly Finds Success

But you'd never know it from the fake news media muckrakers. #ImpeachMainstreamMedia

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