Monday, November 11, 2019

GELLER REPORT 11/11/2019

Today's Headlines

Watch: Holocaust survivor’s special message for self-loathing Jew Bernie Sanders

'God should protect us from Jews like you, shame on you, Bernie Sanders.' #Kapo

Nikki Haley BOMBSHELL: Former Secretary of State Tillerson, Kelly plotted resisting, undermining Trump, tried to recruit her, ‘It was offensive’

RINOSs, traitors, backstabbers abound in the GOP - it's why the Democrat party of treason makes inroads instead of being relegated to the dustbin of history of racists, haters, slaveowners, feudalism, socialists, marxist douches.

Dr. Terror: Virginia Muslim Doctor Sterilized Women Without Their Consent

"Annual clean outs" he called them. This is another sort of jihad. Think of all the human life he extinguished.

On this day in history

Birth of the U.S. Marine Corps

WATCH: “Palestinians” dance in front of Eiffel Tower with Nazi salute

"Palestinian" - a fancy word for Nazi. Same hatred, same barbarity.
They mocked Jews. They mocked the Holocaust.

French left-wing leader says Jews promote ‘violent sectarianism’

The left's Jew-hatred belches a strange sort of clumsy, nonsensical malevolence. Tip for the Frenchies - the Jews ain't yer problem. Neither was Alfred Dreyfus.

No Republican Appeared on the Ballot in 23 Percent of Virginia House of Delegates Races

GOP ceded the field my state too which is blue. But Virginia wasn't until now. #GOPsucks

Muslim refugee rapist is GRANTED BAIL ‘because he can’t speak English’ just Arabic

Magistrate said his lack of English would make it hard to prepare a defense. #MeToo, where are you? *crickets chirping

Jihad-Rep. Ilhan Omar accused of Jew-hatred before speaking at terror-tied CAIR hatefest

Ku Klux Klan boss David Duke has called her “the most important member of the U.S. Congress.”

Republican List of Witnesses for Impeachment hearings

Queue up Adele's 'Turning Tables'.

Toronto: Muslim Charged with 54 Sexual Assault-Related Offenses, Including Many with Children

With the hijrah, comes its customs and practices. We have seen this kind of activity for years in Britain, while authorities did nothing, cowering in fear of the possibility that if they acted, they would be accused of being “Islamophobic.”

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