Friday, June 7, 2019

GELLER REPORT 06/07/2019

Today's Headlines

Islamic State (ISIS) plotted to send westerners to U.S through Mexico border:

Listen to this chilling confession. Thanks to the Democrats we're expecting another million illegals. Clearly President Trump's travel ban is not nearly enough.

WATCH Dearborn, Michigan: Islamic Rally Calling for the Genocide of the Jewish People

"Israel is a cancer and will crumble in less than 25 years as the Supreme Islamic leader calculates." This is Michigan.

Bigoted bully Whoopi Goldberg to Nikki Haley on abortion rights: ‘I don’t want you in my coochie!’

UGH. The hateful and moronic hosts of The View are clearly incapable of discussing important issues in a civil and respectful manner

Dying media trashes the Donald — and liberty, and the American and British people.

An American president in London convulses the leftist order of the world. Everything is about to change.

Sadiq Khan’s London: Airport Jihad Attack, Shooting, Stabbings Among 7 ‘Major Incidents’ in One Day of Trump’s Visit

Impervious to the horror, it's unhinged mayor Sadiq Khan chose to ramp up his jihad against President Trump during the historic visit.

Texas Republicans fear Trump could lose the state in 2020

The Republican Party can no longer take Texas for granted.

Rats and typhoid at the police station, filth on L.A. streets — scenes from the collapse of a city that’s lost control

The poison fruit of decades of Democrat 'governance.' Every major US under Democrat rule is a bloody disaster.

1,072,000 illegal immigrants in 2019

What bloody nightmare. “Worst case scenario.” The Democrats are responsible for this.

Leftwing antisemite De Blasio says antisemitism is strictly a ‘right-wing movement’

As Mayor, hate crimes against Jews in NYC have doubled. He funds Jew-hating groups like Sarsour's with tens of millions of dollars and he's telling us?

D-Day heroes at 75th anniversary: ‘On behalf of the free world, thank you’

President Trump and the Queen pay tribute on the anniversary of Allied invasion of Europe to defeat evil, oppression, and totalitarianism. What was Macron doing there?

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