Monday, May 20, 2019


Top 2020 Dem says founding father must be erased
This top Democrat just spit in the face of this founding father. Here's who said they want Thomas Jefferson removed from EVERYTHING. Read More 
You'll Want to Read This NOW If You're Collecting Social Security...
[Sponsored] If you're collecting Social Security, or will be soon... You need to check out page 7 of Mike Burnick's new book immediately... Because he exposes how, thanks to an official Social Security mandate... Click here now to claim your FREE book. 
Anti-Trump GOP gets BAD news
This Republican congressman wants to impeach Donald Trump -- but first he's got to watch his own back! Learn about the bad news he just got slammed with.
Read More 
DISGUSTING! Obama email cover-up bombshell found
An insane cover-up by Barack Obama's administration has been uncovered by conservative watchdogs -- and it's a MAJOR bombshell! Hint: They're calling for Obama to be interrogated immediately. Read More 
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