Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Today's Headlines

Notre Dame ‘Emblematic’ Of Christianity’s Decline In Europe

The iconic French cathedral’s combustion has a bigger meaning, one famous Islam expert told Big League Politics in an exclusive.

Hugh Fitzgerald: Omer Aziz on the Full Horror of Being an Innocent Muslim in the West (Part I)

What does Omer Aziz think about Abu Darda’s advice to Believers: “Let us smile to the face of some people while our hearts curse them”?

U.S. Airstrikes Kills ISIS-Somalia #2 in command

Has jihad-Rep lhan Omar condemned President Trump yet?

UFC’s Dana White Hearts Keffiyeh (Jihad War Scarf)

Imagine Dana White reaching over to adjust the Nazi arm band on one of his fighters.

Official High School Records Confirm Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Married Her Own Brother

In all the glowing cover stories at Newsweek, Rolling Stone -- @Vogue even did a story on her family (!) -- this is never mentioned.

Top Islamic State Jihad-Widow Returned to Germany and Lives in Hamburg As if Nothing Happened

Germany's intelligence chief: ISIS can still launch attacks in Germany. Yes, they can, because German intelligence is turning a blind eye to their return.

WATCH: Dem-kapo Sanders Defends Omar’s Jew-Hatred

America's version of Jeremy Corbyn ...

Muslim Migrant Arrested for Smashing 800-Year-Old French Basilica Holding Tombs of French Kings

The judge delayed the trial and ordered a psychiatric evaluation. Apparently, Islam is a mental illness. The 800-year old church holds the tomb of jihadslayer Charles Martel.

Notre Dame FIRE: Jihadis CHEER devastating blaze and call it ‘RETRIBUTION’

Muslim supremacists post chilling message bidding “au revoir” to Notre Dame, the great icon of Christianity in France. Quite a conquest.

Turkey bashes France and Italy for recognizing Armenian genocide of over one million Christians by the Ottoman Empire

Turkey should lose its seat at the UN until it recognizes and expresses remorse for its savagery.

ISIS bride is on legal aid despite being stripped of UK citizenship, her legal fees are paid by taxpayers

Shamima Begum's role wasn't baking cookies. She stitched suicide vests, served in ISIS's brutal "morality police," and helped terrorists prepare for attacks.

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