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Submitted by: Larry Jordan and P McMillan

A O Cortez Is Part of a Well Orchestrated Plan To Take Control of America Via Social Democrats.

Critical information regarding the now and the future 2020 election and beyond. 

Subject: Fwd: A O Cortez Is Part Of A Well Orchestrated Plan To Take Control Of America Via Social Democrats

This guy is absolutely right! That's why AOC sometimes makes sense and most of the time she doesn't make sense! When she goes off script, she sounds lost and that's why she sounds stupid! I am sure she is not really stupid, but she is being manipulated and when that happens, it doesn't work out well

From Patriot Ruth S.

If we don't watch this 23 minute video and start to counter these plans, we will be gone like the Do Do Bird and Saber Tooth tiger in a few years. YouTuber Mr. Reagan explains that with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the people of New York did NOT elect a

Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. They actually elected an Indian guy from Texas, Saikat Chakrabarti, a white guy from Tennessee, Corbin Trent. Her brother entered her into a contest being held by a group called the Justice Democrats, headed by the above - 

people. It was quite literally a casting call. Out of 10,000 entries, AOC won the role to play the Congresswoman from New York's 14th District. They make no secret of this. Along with the Young Turks and others, the Justice Democrats have created a very data -

driven, organized Silicon Valley approach to politics and the Democrat Party. They have a business plan and a platform which includes the Green New Deal which they admit was written over the course of a weekend last December (obvious to any who's 

read it). Their lack of qualifications notwithstanding, they want nothing less than to:  1)  replace the Democrat Party with the young Social Democrats whom they control.   2)  take control of Congress and then   3)  take over the United States.It's all about 

control. Way ahead of us.  Thank you, Mr. Reagan.

While conservatives and establishment Dems stumble along and infight or cut each other's throats over the larger issues that divide (identity politics) and squabble over open borders, voter ID, DACA, Russian collusion. These rats are pushing way further left to 

make Marx and Lenin blush.

We know they are going after the 1st and 2nd Amendments and moving into stronghold conservative states (districts) at a rapid pace (Beto O'Rourke) making them purple. Given time, with these strategic moves, they will remove anyone with a brain and any 

conservative thought within the next few election cycles. I also think we need a "Fail Safe" Emergency Signal when they actually start to pull guns. We are going to need a spokesperson (Anon) to send an alert across the country when it starts. We are going to 

need a clear response defined and a plan of action laid out. We will not be able to do this individually. Thank you, William Bissell

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  23:04


The following articles show how effectively a leftist / Socialist multibillionaire can influence world affairs and even subvert countries, the US being one of several of them, as well as including the very hot Ukraine. He and his NGO[s] tried to subvert Hungary but were subsequently expelled to Berlin over a year ago.  

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