Thursday, February 14, 2019


A Horror We Can't Unknow
The truth is a funny thing. Once it's let loose to confront and challenge and change, you can't unknow it. That's horrible news for Democrats, who've spent the last three weeks desperately trying to interrupt America's attack of conscience on abortion. For many people, who've come face to face with this brutal reality for the first time, there is no putting the lid back on this terrible evil our country's spent 46 years justifying.
A Late Turn on Late-Term Abortions
While Republicans make a determined march to the House floor every day to plead for the protection of born-alive babies, men and women around the country are flooding the states with their own measures. Hours of emotional debate are spilling over into assembly hearings in Vermont, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Illinois, and other places where liberals are digging in on an agency that puts them at odds with 77 percent of the country.
CCCU Later, says Louisiana College
While some Christians seem willing to negotiate away some of their First Amendment freedoms, others refuse to stand by and watch truth be compromised. In a debate that's threatening to tear apart an already fragile coalition of faith-based colleges and universities, the first real cracks are starting to show. As more schools consider leaving the umbrella organization of CCCU, others are wondering: will the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities finally get the message?

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