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Interesting video (here) detailing certain events we should be cognize to. Email proof that Scalia was to be assassinated and another leaked email to Donna Brazile suggesting the rigging of voting machines (for Hillary) were ready, according to an associate of George Soros.

There is also a push by fakestream media to suggest a new wave of fake videos, they are now calling "Deep Fake Videos" is already happening....and this is because WE KNOW the Podesta and Hillary Clinton sex/child sacrifice videos are going to see the light of day soon as further evidence to lock them up will be the icing on the cake.  

There will be more fakestream media reports about "Deep Fake Videos" and that will be an indication, the Military Patriots are moving closer to arrests....

WE KNOW the videos are real and out there, because the NYPD found them on Weiner's laptop and of course...were immediately confiscated by the FBI. The FBI told NYPD detectives NOT to discuss those videos "due to an ongoing investigation."'s a ANON theory as to why Pelosi needed to get-out-of-Dodge quickly with 93 family members no less, because there was an alleged threat against BOTH Trump and Pence (thwarted) while Pelosi could maintain 'plausible deniability' by being out-of-country. Pence happened to be in the FoxNews Washington Bureau on Sunday morning when a strange electrical fire happened, forcing Pence to change immediate plans of which Secret Service was not planning.

If the Deep State wants both Trump and Pence out-of-the-picture, they would have to get them when they are together, such as the State of the Union address to the nation, or by going after Pence FIRST, then Trump shortly after, opening the door for Pelosi to immediately be appointed as president, which for very odd reasons, the Deep State is projecting that openly ! As "Q" says.....[They Are Stupid].

These Deep State players are having trouble communicating with each other because they are being monitored, therefore....when their coded messages are decoded and revealed through sources like (this one) it forces the public to see what WE see and what is being hidden from all media networks.

The more we know, the more we understand the dangers ahead.

---Dave Bertrand

Scalia, Garland, Brazile, and Pence

Is Pelosi Projecting an Assassination Scare or Just Out-Of-Her-Mind? - Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos 

Donna Brazile Tweet....

"Take out the hash tags and it reads, “Madam Speaker today, President Pelosi shortly thereafter. Martin Luther King Weekend is underway. Keep Hope Alive!” 

[That is definitely a message to someone.  Either a signal to others that it’s a go, or a warning, or both.]

Is there a secret plan to assassinate both Trump and Pence, or did Brazile read the Infowars report and decided to continue the nonsense?

As "Q" has told us many times, the Deep State is and will project a mirror of themselves, therefore....[Panic] warrants a counter [Panic] against Trump, or at the very least, incite violence this coming week, or an actual false flag assassination attempt. 

Donna Brazile's tweet about MLK and "Keep Hope Alive" is basically saying....[MLK was assassinated by the FBI, therefore, keep hope alive that Trump is assassinated]

"Never interfere with an enemy that is self destructing," and that is exactly what we are witnessing in America.

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