Monday, December 24, 2018

NEWS WITH VIEWS 12/24/2018

Syria: Mr. President, You Made The Right Move

There are many voices very much opposed to Trump pulling our troops out of Syria. Republicans and Demorats alike. They all think we’re stupid and don’t understand the issue and their geopolitical games. Oh, but we do and I pray many more Americans will wake up and understand how they are being manipulated into supporting a one world order. By force. Led and fed by us. We have been in Afghanistan 16 years. Not by a declaration of war by Congress but by one world government advocates in the White House and Congress..........
by Devvy Kidd.

Why I Love Christmas

I’ve always loved Christmas, for oh so many reasons!  Childhood memories are an amazing blessing to me, and probably something few American children experienced as beautifully as I did with my momma’s family. Chicago was my home, but my other home was in northern Indiana on my maternal grandparent’s dairy farm. They lived through the depression and never had extra money, but there was always plenty of food and love for the family and especially the grandchildren. Being the first grandchild, I was more than blessed.........
by Kelleigh Nelson

Where The Bolt Goes Into The Bottom Of The Globe: A Christmas Bicycle Journey

Merry Christmas to you, each American, Canadian, European and Australian citizen who reads my columns throughout the year. No question that my commentaries expose sobering realities facing America and all of Western humanity. Oftentimes, I am exasperated that our leaders fail to serve us, to represent us and to work for our best interests.........
by Frosty Wooldridge

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