Sunday, December 16, 2018

GELLER REPORT 12/16/2018

Today's Headlines

SHOCKING: Man in Islamic Garb Holding Machete Threatening Hollywood Synagogue

The media is culpable by their depraved indifference to rampant Jew-hatred across this country and the world. They censor, scrub and deliberately ignore these daily acts of Islamic hatred.

Jihad Inciting Jew-Hater MN Rep Ilhan Omar Mocks Mike Pence’s Christian Faith

We expect these vile Jew-haters to falsify and mock other religions, it's what they do (despite the death penalty for such "crimes" under Islamic law). But @Jack @Twitter supporting and sanctioning it - that's a whole other kettle of fish. #AntitrustNow

Germany: Muslim Demonstrators Chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah-O-Akbar” as They Wave “Palestinian” Terror Flag

The Muslim world was aligned with Hitler and the Third Reich. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Stop the Islamization of Texas

Texas is becoming a major hub, after California and New York, for Muslim resettlement.

Australia recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

"Palestinian" Muslims warn Australia that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, would "increase religious war in the area." It's all they know, jihad.

Women’s March Leaders Accused Of Blaming Jews For Slave Trade

The feminist movement was always driven by a far-left, anti-freedom ideology, and the left is increasingly open about its Jew-hatred.

Canada: Convicted jihad terrorist murderer of US soldier demands passport to travel to Saudi Arabia

The Canadian government, if it were sane, would take away his millions and give them to the widow and fatherless children of the man he murdered, and give Khadr a passport to Gitmo.

Iran’s Fingerprints on Judea/Samaria Terrorist Attacks

Klein raised questions about whether the West Bank violence is connected to an Iranian agenda to possibly distract Israel from Operation Northern Shield.

Green Beret Charged with PREMEDITATED MURDER of Taliban Bomb Maker

This is a travesty. It's the kind of thing that should have ended when Barack Hussein Obama left the White House.

Time for Darl Easton to Step Aside

The selection of Dr. Shahid Shafi, a self-styled devout mosque-going individual, has created an uproar across North Texas.

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