Friday, November 30, 2018

GELLER REPORT 11/30/2018

 Today's Headlines

9-Year-Old Jewish boy Attacked on Brooklyn Street

While the media obsesses over mythical, manufactured islamophobia, this is the reality of hate crimes in the past couple of weeks in NYC alone. The list is astonishing and the lack of media coverage is criminal.

CNN FIRES antisemite Marc Lamont Hill after he calls for annihilation of Jewish State at the UN

CNN and the rest of the enemedia create these monsters, laud these savages, and then express shock when they express the very thing that made them desirable to the leftist apparatus.

Israeli airstrike on Iranian war machine in Syria

F*ck Iran and their murderous regime. Enough.

The Israeli Dilemma

Hamas terrorists have openly declared that they will destroy Israel and commit genocide against Jews.

Columbia Teachers College professor’s office vandalized with swastikas, anti-Semitic slurs

This act of anti-Semitism should not be a surprise. Columbia University has one of the worst records for BDS activity in the United States.

Soros’ “Open Society” Driven Out Of Turkey Amid Probe Into Terrorism Ties

Thrown out of Hungary and Poland, Soros is now being driven out of Turkey, but he continues his quest for the destruction of America and individual freedom.

“Palestinian” Islamic Terror Groups Deliberately Kill, Maim Children

Israeli children—even infants—have regularly been the purposeful targets of "Palestinian" terror organizations. Indeed, the murder of Israeli children has not only been indiscriminate, but deliberate.

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