Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ROLLS REPORT 10/16/2018

Submitted by: Eva Baumann

The Russian Dossier is the great big smoking gun. It reveals the sedition by sitting President Barack Obama, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and CIA Director John Brennan, with the aid of the British Govt security agency.
By all indications, given by data and testimony, the entire collusion argument between Donald Trump and the Russian Govt was fabricated as a political ploy to interfere with the duly elected US President.
To present fabricated evidence of treason is in itself a treasonous act. They will all unfold in the coming weeks. The game is coming to a head as the FISA documents will be released in full view, against fierce opposition. A shock wave could befall the US nation, as it realizes the depth of traitorous deeds using USGovt offices.
The failed tactic is to claim national security at risk, when the true reason is to conceal open treason. The FISA document release will shed light on perhaps the biggest domestic espionage and treason case in the last 50 years, within the United States.
“Britain, in particular, is very concerned that the unredacted 20 pages from the June 2017 FISA application will show that it, rather than Russia, actually colluded with a Presidential campaign to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. But rather than Russia colluding with the Trump campaign, the real collusion was between Britain and the Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.” This is explosive evidence, with understood resistance by the CIA and MI-6. See Exopolitics (HERE).
A festering open fascist wound is visible, which has been spread on the news on a repeated basis ad nauseum for many months. Its continued exposure on the news is an exhibit for collusion on the fabricated story. The actual treasonous acts kept well out of the news have been the Hillary Clinton collusion with the Russians on uranium sales, the passage of SAP high security data to the Chinese, kickbacks to the foundation, and murders to conceal the activity.


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