Tuesday, October 23, 2018

GELLER REPORT 10/23/2018

 Today's Headlines

UK: British Museum celebrates Islam, but ignores the savagery

A “vital corrective of Islamophobia and misconceptions about the religion”? More like a cover up of the dark side of Islam.

Trump Administration Cutting Off Aid From Countries Who Failed to Stop Mass Migrant #Caravan #Midterms

Kavanaugh moved the ball in favor of the Republicans in the coming midterms. The migrant caravan will bring us home.

Scores of Christians Killed in Muslim Attack on Market in Nigeria, Church Building Set Ablaze, 55 DEAD

No enemedia coverage on this genocide. Only Christian publications are reporting on this. The world has learned nothing from the Holocaust. Silence and fear then. Silence and fear now.

PHOTO: ‘Caravan’ Migrant Army Paints Swastika on American Flag, Burns It in the Street

Is it any wonder the Democrat party of treason is fighting to bring this horror into the country?

“Palestinian” Authority TV Sermon: “Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews”

Islam and the Third Reich - the same piece of kishka, as my bubbie might say.

TRUMP HITS HIGHEST RATING yet in NBC/WSJ approval poll 😉

And this from the irrational haters at @NBC. So you know it's gotta be even higher.

Shock as Britain Elects Muslim terrorist “Palestinians” to lead the largest voting bloc at the UN

The United Kingdom has voted in favour of giving the so-called “State of Palestine” additional power at the United Nations in order to lead the G77, the largest voting bloc at the global body.

USA Bound Army of Migrants Marches Deeper into Mexico, Indications of ISIS Infiltration

It looks a lot like the migrant invasion of Europe. And we know how that went. Takbir!

TRUMP EFFECT: Jobless claims PLUMMET 5,000 to 210,000 in mid-October, near 50-year low #JobsNotMobs

Florida and Texas Post Record Sept.-to-Sept. Job Gains; Ohio Has Largest Gain in 21 Years.

The Real Reason Haters (the Left) Hate Trump

He’s the average American in exaggerated form—blunt, simple, willing to fight, mistrustful of intellectuals. Great summation of the irrationality, hate and contempt of Americanism by the left.

WATCH: Hundreds of migrants storm barrier between Spain and North Africa

Over 6,000 migrants have crossed into Melilla and a second Spanish territory nearby, Ceuta, so far this year.

UK: The $26,000 fart? Muslim Tesco worker sues chain after work colleague broke wind in his face

Atif Masood, 42, a customer assistant at a branch in Thornton Heath, is demanding £20,000 — claiming the farting amounts to “bullying”.

Los Angeles: 72% of Hate Crimes Hit Jews, Only 12% Muslims

An important reminder that Muslim anti-Semitism is a much more serious problem than any supposed Islamophobia.

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