Tuesday, October 9, 2018

GELLER REPORT 10/09/2018

 Today's Headlines

“You will sink America”: Islamic State (ISIS) threatens surprise knife attacks at concerts

"You will sink America like how the Nations of Kufr sank before you." All of this is rooted in Islamic texts and teacihings.

Iran Executes Child Bride Days After Delivering Stillborn Child

The Democrats are working feverishly to continue to finance Iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terror

Danish Minister Rejects EU Migrant Quotas, ‘Too Few Contribute’

"We are still in the position that we are struggling to integrate the many refugees who have come to Denmark in recent years.”

Muslim girl, 18, is tied to a tree for hours and whipped by her family for trying to elope with her non-Muslim boyfriend

After the family tracked down the young couple, the girl was tied up and beaten for up to five hours, local media reports.

Deadly limo owner Shaheed Hussain was arrested for MURDER in Pakistan

Why was a Pakistani murder suspect allowed into this country and why wasn't he deported after his conviction. Instead the Feds paid him close to 100k to be an 'informant',

Hakim Muhammad aka Keith Ellison Campaign Visit to Grand Rapids Canceled Due to ‘Safety Concerns’

Safety concerns for whom? The women beaten by Ellison? From whom? His "survivors"?

“London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together”

From a Saudi newspaper - no Western media outlet would EVER dare report this. Sharia compliance.

‘Together We Are An Army’: The BLP Interview with Pamela Geller

As the editor in chief of the Geller Report, an administrator of the Tea Party strategy group, and a speaker, Geller has carved out a distinctive brand in American intellectual life. We caught up with Pamela Geller to discuss her life and work.

Italy: Salvini threatens to close airports if Germany starts flying migrants back

"If someone in Berlin or Brussels thinks of dropping dozens of migrants via non-authorized charter flights in Italy, they should know that there is not and there will be no airport available," Salvini said on Twitter.

Stephen Colbert “Late Show” writer: “I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life”

This incident demonstrates yet again the viciousness and outright evil of the modern-day left.

WATCH: Christian and Jew blocked from Linda Sarsour event at conference of terror-tied ISNA in Canada

Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy and investigative journalist Laura Loomer were barred from entering the Islamic Society of North America’s conference in Toronto Sunday.

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