Saturday, October 27, 2018


The Florida Governor race is a dead heat. The Democrat is being opposed by law enforcement for his radical views on policing.

Democrat Andrew Gillum endorsed an anti-law enforcement agenda that includes calling police "racist" and "slave catchers" and supports the "abolish ICE" movement. 
His key allies include some of the most extreme anti-police groups in the nation. These are people that chant in the streets calling for dead cops.
Yet the media has ignored his obvious connections to focus on attacking and smearing Ron DeSantis. It is truly amazing the failure to accurately report on this race. 

Source: Real Clear Politics

Gillum's Anti-Law Enforcement Agenda for Florida

Gillum serves as Mayor of Tallahassee, the most crime ridden city in the state. It has seen the most murders ever in the city last year.
Incredibly, Gillum’s former chief of staff, Dustin Daniels, who is running to succeed him as mayor, is campaigning aggressively against Gillum’s failed leadership.
Given his ideological radicalism, it is not surprising that he has failed so spectacularly. 
In fact, Gillum is the most anti-law-enforcement candidate to be nominated by a major party in modern Florida history.
He would abolish ICE, make Florida a Sanctuary state. He endorsed a radical manifesto that included the line "police and prisons have no place in justice" and called police "slave catchers."
The fact that Gillum surrounds himself with radical groups that put a target on the backs of law enforcement is unacceptable and dangerous. Is this the man Florida wants as Governor? 
Ron DeSantis fought in Iraq in support of Navy SEAL Team One. He served in operations at Gitmo and worked as a federal prosecutor before winning election.
In Congress he supported tax cuts, securing the border, de-funding sanctuary cities and reforming the VA.
He helped lead efforts to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem and cut taxpayer funding to Palestinian terrorists.
The contrast in these areas couldn't be greater. Gillum endorses radical anti-Israel groups and wants to boycott Israel. He's been helped by Keith Ellison. He spoke at events organized by CAIR.
Gillum's city is under FBI investigation. He took free gifts, including vacations and tickets to "Hamilton" on Broadway in New York City. 

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