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Subject: Blasey Ford's FBI "Polygraph" Buddy Pressured Woman From Mystery Groping Party To Change Story

Ed Note:

The Christine Ford saga and conspiracy to take-down Brett Kavanaugh has again been confirmed that life long friend of Ford's......a former FBI agent Monica McLean perpetrated the entire scandal for political reasons.

However, the Snowflakes on the Left, supported by ignorance and hate for President Trump, are about to pee in their pants this Saturday when Kavanaugh is confirmed to SCOTUS.

The rioting will be in all major cities nationwide with screeching voices of dissent and very ticked-off women seeing their efforts flushed down the toilet.

Christine Ford is a liar and should be prosecuted along with Feinstein, McLean and Ford's attorneys.

---Dave Bertrand

Blasey Ford's FBI "Polygraph" Buddy Pressured Woman From Mystery Groping Party To Change Story

Fri, 10/05/2018 - 09:34

A former FBI agent and lifelong friend of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford allegedly pressured a woman to change her statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh in 1982, reports the Wall Street Journal

Here’s where things get really interesting: 
Ms. Monica Lee McLean and Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford are life-long friends; obviously they have known each other since their High School days at Holton-Arms; and both lived together as “roommates” in California after college.   Their close friendship is cited by Ms. Fords former boyfriend of six years.

Ms. Monica McLean retired from the FBI in 2016; apparently right after the presidential election.  Her current residence is listed at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; which aligns with public records and the serendipitous printed article.

Now, where did Ms. Blasey-Ford testify she was located at the time she wrote the letter to Dianne Feinstein, accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh?


MITCHELL: The second is the letter that you wrote to Senator Feinstein, dated the — July 30th of this year.
MITCHELL: Did you write the letter yourself?
FORD: I did.
MITCHELL: And I — since it’s dated July 30th, did you write it on that date?
FORD: I believe so. I — it sounds right. I was in Rehoboth, Delaware, at the time. I could look into my calendar and try to figure that out. It seemed…
MITCHELL: Was it written on or about that date?
FORD: Yes, yes. I traveled, I think, the 26th of July to Rehoboth, Delaware. So that makes sense, because I wrote it from there.
MITCHELL: Is the letter accurate? FORD: I’ll take a minute to read it.
So we have Dr. Blasey-Ford in Rehoboth Beach, DE, on 26th July 2018. We’ve got her life-long BFF, Monica L McLean, who worked as attorney and POI in the DOJ/FBI in Rehoboth Beach, DE…. Apparently at same time she wrote letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein. -Conservative Treehouse 
Thus, it appears that Blasey Ford was with McLean for four days leading up to the actual writing of the letter, from July 26th to July 30th. 

Not only did Ms. McLean possesses a particular set of skills to assist Ms. Ford, but Ms. McLean would also have a network of DOJ and FBI resources to assist in the endeavor.  A former friendly FBI agent to do the polygraph; a network of politically motivated allies?

Does the appearance of FBI insider and Deputy FBI Director to Andrew McCabe, Michael Bromwich, begin to make more sense?

Do the loud and overwhelming requests by political allies for FBI intervention, take on a different meaning or make more sense, now?
Standing back and taking a look at the bigger, BIG PICTURE….. could it be that Mrs. McLean and her team of ideological compatriots within the DOJ and FBI, who have massive axes to grind against the current Trump administration, are behind this entire endeavor? -Conservative Treehouse 
Were Ford and McLean working together to take out Kavanaugh?  

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