Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Submitted by: Donald Hank

The NYT is now peddling the story that the world's most heinous terrorists are actually the good guys. This was certainly the plan from the start. 

The Saudis financed them from the outset and Israel opposed Assad and Russia's intervention to eliminate terror. The goal is still regime change in Syria. Anyone who tampers with the final plan will be opposed in the media and the Establishment. That is what the "chemical weapons" narrative is all about. 

The US will never stop clandestinely supporting Saudi Sunni terror until enough Americans demand that this be stopped. That is what this list is all about. YOU are the key.

Some naive souls believe they can reach the truth by reading/tuning in to both liberal and conservative news. This is based on the brainless assumption that the truth is "somewhere in between." This is beyond stupid. Neither left nor right are outside this deep state strategy to white wash and empower terrorists who side with Saudi and Israel, both of which completely control the State Department and Pentagon. YOUR vote cannot change that.

The US public is perhaps too far gone to do anything about this scam. Probably only the non-aligned East is capable of correcting our course. (And they are making rapid, steady progress).
As long as America keeps playing political ping-pong, switching from left to right and back again, we are -- pardon the expression -- doomed.

Our media are like a compass with the markings switched. If they indicate we are headed north, then maybe that's southeast or something else. Only YOU can find the truth, and that requires independent research.
Don Hank

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