Sunday, September 9, 2018

GELLER REPORT 09/09/2018

 Today's Headlines

Saturday Night Cinema: Hester Street

"Hester Street" tells of the comic and painful Americanization of Jake and Gitl, an immigrant couple from Russia.

Failed Ex-Prez Obama launches vicious attack against Trump and takes credit for booming economy

Barack Obama reminded everyone why he was an awful President and a great conman.

Robert Spencer: CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski tries to destroy Congressman for having dinner with Belgian politician

These hard-Left propagandists don’t want to debate with their targets. They just want to destroy them.

Canadian husband turned her into sex slave, failed refugee claimant testifies

"Windsor is to Ontario what Dearborn is to Michigan."

Fatwa: Islam’s Murder by Fiat

The way these high priest Islamic parasites operate makes for nothing short of international religious terrorism.

Michigan Democrat: Hamas legitimate – Israel is the aggressor

The Democrat nominee for Michigan's Lieutenant Governor made statements condemning Israel and legitimizing the Hamas terrorist organization.

Muslim groups call for female genital mutilation to be “medicalized”

"Medical." There is nothing medical about clitordectomies. It is an affront to the Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm.

UK teacher who wrote ‘of course we hate Jews’ found not anti-Semitic

He posted: “Of course we hate Jews. Israel is the most evil regime on the planet. Supported by Jews from within, and from around the world.”

Sweden Election: Police Investigate After Islamic Threat to Execute Populist Leader’s Family

"We will behead you if you do not withdraw from the election by the end of this week.”

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