Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Dear Conservative Patriots,

Today marks five years since 1LT Clint Lorance was convicted of murder and sentenced to 19 years in prison.

As you know, Clint did nothing wrong.

He followed the Rules of Engagement. And more importantly, his split-second decision saved the lives of the men in his platoon.

As the CEO of United American Patriots, I will not rest until justice is served and this courageous Soldier is released from prison and reunited with his loved ones.

But, I can't do it alone.

You've stood behind Clint and UAP in the past. And today, I'm asking you to renew your support of our mission by making a generous, tax-deductible gift of $35 or more in Clint's honor.

Sadly, Clint is far from the only wrongly accused Soldier that UAP supports.

We're funding the legal defenses for 14 other Warriors, including Sgt. Derrick Miller and Navy SEALs Chief Dave Swarts, Petty Officer Dan D'Ambrosio and Chief Xavier Silva.

And I know it's important to Clint that all of these brave Warriors have the access to the best legal defenses.

That's why I'm asking you to make a special donation to the UAP Warrior Fund in Clint's name today.

Whether you can give $35, $50, $100 or more, your generous gift will arrive just in time.

Remember, we have a busy fall coming up. Between Clint filing his habeas corpus petition in federal civilian court, the Navy SEALs' trial and Derrick's preliminary parole hearing, the Warrior Fund will be stretched thin.

But your continued support will ensure we have the resources to continue defending Clint and our other men.

Thank you in advance.

Semper fi,

David "Bull" Gurfein
LtCol, USMCR (Ret.)
Chief Executive Officer, United American Patriots
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  1. Col. Gurfein, thank you for the wonderful service you and AUP provide. As a 1986 West Point graduate and an attorney who has practiced law in Mississippi for 23 years, please let me know what I can do , if anything, to assist AUP and/or Phillip Stackhouse in defending the ridiculous charges against Matthew Golsteyn. Office (601) 909-9393; cell (601) 325-7594; email William C. Walter