Tuesday, August 7, 2018



Barack Obama understood just how critical radical Democrat Harry Reid was to imposing their disastrous "fundamental transformation" on America – and he knows that the Dems need my radical leftist opponent, Jacky Rosen, in the U.S. Senate to ensure his Big Government legacy remains in place.

That’s why the former president has officially endorsed Rosen – and why outside money is pouring into Nevada to help her defeat me.

The Obama-Clinton-Reid Democrats know that the decisive battle for control of the U.S. Senate is right here in Nevada – and they and their radical special interest allies and limousine liberal donors are burning through campaign cash like there’s no tomorrow.

Friend, multiple far-left special interest groups have announced a joint expenditure of $30 million to mobilize liberal voters in just three states – millions of it spent right here in Nevada.

Liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg is spending $80 million to support the Dems, "Impeach Trump" kingpin Tom Steyer has added another $110 million, and the radical leftist group Act Blue has raised $1 billion to spend just in this election!

Now, it’s time to answer the limousine liberal activists’ war chest dumping money in Nevada with some serious grassroots action of our own!

We don’t have to outraise and outspend Jacky Rosen and the Dems to defeat them, but we MUST ensure we have enough resources to blast through their propaganda and spin to reach the voters with our winning conservative message.

Can I count on your generous contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more to support our Senate Majority saving campaign right nowand counter the Democrats’ special interest allies’ millions and defeat Barack Obama’s Harry Reid replacement?

Thank you,  – I hope to hear from you soon!


Dean Heller

P.S. Let’s make it clear to the Democrats and their outside group supporters that grassroots conservatives will be the deciding factor in this Nevada race! Please support our campaign today!

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