Thursday, June 7, 2018


Claire McCaskill will do anything to keep her Senate seat in Missouri. She is already spending millions on false ads and smears against conservative Josh Hawley, her likely opponent.
McCaskill is using false ads and her friends in the liberal media to claim Hawley was part of corruption that led to the Missouri Governor resigning.
Yet Hawley had absolutely nothing to do with it.
McCaskill knows she can't win without smearing Hawley and voters not knowing the truth. 

We are guessing McCaskill is attacking Hawley to deflect against her failed tenure as Senator.
In a red state McCaskill has turned out to be the Left's dream Senator.
She has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood.
Josh Hawley on the other hand earned the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life.
If elected Hawley will uphold our values, fight for what is important and never back down from the likes of Planned Parenthood and their friends in government.
Source: USA Today

Hawley gets Missouri Right to Life endorsement in U.S. Senate race against McCaskill

In a statement read by Susan Klein, Missouri Right to Life executive director, the group's federal political action committee saluted Hawley as a "proven pro-life candidate."
"His work to protect unborn babies and women, Josh's unwavering stand for life when it was not political but was a passion of his heart for innocent human beings, and his commitment to stand for the truth even when it's tough, have merited this endorsement," the statement said.
Planned Parenthood Action Fund gave McCaskill a 100-percent rating on May 25, according to the nonpartisan tracker
Missouri is one of several must-win Senate seats for conservatives.
Claire McCaskill has been in office for too long representing a red state with her leftist values.
Remember she was the first Senator to endorse Hillary Clinton and before that went along with the Obama agenda 100%.
The time is now to send her into retirement!
But Claire and her leftist friends have millions of dollars and are using it as we write this email to attack and smear Josh Hawley.

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