Tuesday, May 15, 2018


MSNBC host just got TERRIBLE news (ratings low!)
The ratings are in and MSNBC was just hit with a MAJOR blow. Find out which Fox News star beat out Rachel Maddow for the highest number of key viewers (you'll LOVE this!) Read More 
Trump to end the dollar as we know it this year?
[Sponsored] This move is long overdue... But is has nothing to do with all of the new cryptocurrencies you've been reading about. Instead, I'm talking about a major UPGRADE to the paper dollar. It could transform everything familiar to you Click here now for the details.
Baltimore police chief BUSTED in tax avoidance scheme
Another corrupt cop in a Democrat-controlled area was CAUGHT stealing money from hardworking taxpayers' wallets. Hint: Dems have had control of the city since 1967. Read More 
Bill O'Reilly has NEW primetime show!
Rumors say that Bill O'Reilly has a new primetime, 8:00pm Eastern show on a major cable news network in the works... but it's not Fox News! Here's what industry experts are saying. Read More 
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