Wednesday, May 2, 2018


James Comey: Deep State Doesn’t Exist, Just A "Deep Culture"
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Today's Articles

Invaders Try to Enter America and Canada Changes Its Tune 
For Robert Mueller, This Investigation is Personal & A Few Questions For Rod "I Will Not Be Extorted" Rosenstein 
Iran Ordered To Pay $6 BILLION To 9/11 Victims After Federal Judge Determined They Aided Attacks & Provided Support To Al -Qaeda 
5 Stories You Missed While The Media Was Obsessing Over Michelle Wolf’s Speech 
Iran Lies about Nukes - CNN Badgers Israel 
Man Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison After Flipping Off a Red Light Camera 
Kathy Griffin Goes On PROFANE Anti-Trump Rant: ‘F— Him! I’m Not Holding Back!’ 
How the Dems Killed #MeToo in Their Party 
The Fight for Alfie Evans - The Truth About Why Alder Hey Hospital Kidnapped Him 
Dad in America Told His Son Had To Die Like Alfie—But He Resisted With Guns and His Son LIVED 
Sharyl Attkisson: US Military Experiments On Humans "Left Hundreds Of People... Infected With Disease" 
Why Do John Brennan & James Clapper Still Have Security Clearance While Working For CNN & MSNBC? 
Islamic State Calls For Knife Jihad Attacks On Commercial Flights 
Democrats Commit Character Assassination Against Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson to Thwart President Trump 
Michelle Wolf Made The Media Own Its Own Vileness 

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