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THE BERTRAND REPORT 04/18/2018 U.S. Pullout From Syria Will Cause ISIS To Take Down Assad ? Lawmakers Foaming, What Am I Missing Here?

The Bertrand Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Ed Note:

As human as we are, we can sometimes fall victim to fake news reports and other reports that fit our agenda. We often find ourselves believing what we would like to believe.....because it feeds our adrenalin. However, WE condemn the prior false flags by the U.S. and we know that corporate mainstream lie constantly but when a foreign news agency reports what we don't want to hear.....all of a sudden, MSNBC or CNN become our friend.

I received criticism on yesterday's report ( I really do enjoy criticism) "Lies and More Lies About Wars" in that "my researched sources were basically lying about 71 missiles intercepted," and just like when 9/11 happened in 2001, I myself teared-up over the movie "Let's Roll" when a few men courageously took a serving cart and rammed the cockpit door on United Flight 93.

I felt pride in my country and a sense of let's kick ass and find that bastard bin Laden in whatever cave he commanded the operation from. How stupid I feel now !!

In my report yesterday, the point I was making and sometimes (maybe) not as clear as it should be, I pointed-out research concerning ONLY 3 targets were hit in Syria and 103 missiles were launched, not including B2 bombs and missiles from a sub in the Mediterranean. It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a military vet to figure-out...something ain't right ! I call that "over-kill" !

Then I looked at what the Russian Generals and Syrian officials were reporting....and report after report stated 71 missiles were intercepted. Sounds logical to me !! Are they lying, or is the U.S. propaganda machine lying? Only 3 targets confirmed by both sides and 103 plus missiles? Hence....the title of yesterday's report.

"All nations involved with wars ALWAYS have a twist or two, nothing is what actually happened, and the reasons for going to war are ALWAYS misleading and filled with propaganda." ---Dave Bertrand

In my first report "Trump's 4D Chess Game" I discussed a "bigger picture" as it pertains to Syria.

"Syria and Iran are allies of Russia and both are competing for European consumption of oil and gas, including Pakistan and India with an eventual pipeline into China." ---Dave Bertrand

Now the interesting part that I want to share is the fact, my assessment of why Syria, the limited strike and now a possible pull-out, verifies what I have reported !

There is a bigger picture to look at and all indications are....both Trump and Putin are "colluding" and that's a good thing. The article below suggests the lawmakers, in particular..."Limp Wristed" Lindsey Graham are foaming at the mouth as to a possible "pull-out" from Syria, a briefing yesterday by General  Mattis that now has the warmonger hawks in a frenzy.

They contend that a resurgence of ISIS will increase, but wait !! Isn't ISIS's mission to remove Assad, which the war hawks want? ISIS and al Nusra a.k.a. al Qaida are the "Insurgents" of which the prior Obama administration and the McCain / Graham types support.

Here's a news flash !! No mention by FakeStream Media or the McCain boyz that their so-called "Free Syria Army" of "rebels are fighting ISIS, but instead the rebels are fighting the Russians and U.S. Military. The fact of the matter is, the rebels are ISIS and they are the one's creating the staged chemical attacks to blame Assad in-order to provoke to U.S. to go after Assad, clearing the way for ISIS to take control of Syria ! All indicators point to the downfall of ISIS, however.....these so-called "rebels" will turn-in their ISIS badges in-order to participate in a new Syrian government.

U.S. Lawmakers Jolted By Syria briefing, Pentagon Warns Of ISIS Resurgence

Washington (AFP) - The US military's hands-off approach on the ground in Syria is ceding influence to Russia and Iran, a top lawmaker warned Tuesday, as the Pentagon said it has seen the Islamic State "resurge" in parts of the country.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker said Moscow and Tehran have "significant influence" in the war-ravaged Middle Eastern nation due to their years-long commitment, while President Donald Trump signals the US could be headed for the exits there.

When asked whether he wanted a greater US troop presence to shape events in Syria, Corker was somber.

"I think the administration's plans are to complete the efforts against ISIS and to not be involved," he said, using another acronym for the jihadist group.

A frustrated Corker spoke after exiting a classified briefing by Secretary of Defense James Mattis and top generals, who explained the Pentagon's strategy to lawmakers following last weekend's missile strikes on Syria.

"Syria is Russia and Iran's now. They will be determining the future," he said.

"We may be at the table, but when you're just talking and have nothing to do with shaping what's happening on the ground, you're just talking."

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, expressed alarm about a lack of US engagement in the country where insurgents have waged a brutal civil war against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

"Everything in that briefing made me more worried, not less," he said.

- 'All tweet, no action' -

"There is no military strategy on the table to deal with the malign influence of Iran and Russia," Graham said.
After the pinpoint air strikes that Trump telegraphed on social media, "I think Assad... believes we're all tweet, no action," he added.
Democrats joined in the criticism, with Senator Chris Coons, warning that Trump's administration has "failed to deliver on a coherent plan" in Syria.

"If we completely withdraw, our leverage in any diplomatic resolution or reconstruction, or any hope for a post-Assad Syria, goes away."
Meanwhile, Colonel Ryan Dillon, a spokesman for the US-led coalition fighting IS in Syria and Iraq, said Assad's regime and Russia have not always been able to hold the terrain recaptured from IS.

"As we look at ISIS in areas where we are not operating, where we are not supporting our partners on the ground, there has been ISIS elements who have been able to come back and take territory (including in) some of the neighborhoods in southern Damascus," Dillon said.

"We've seen ISIS start to resurge in areas west of the Euphrates River."

The US military is closely watching IS in Syria and Iraq, where the jihadists have lost 98 percent of the land they once held, according to the Pentagon.

Progress however has halted in recent weeks in areas where the US-led coalition is fighting IS through the Syrian Democratic Forces, a local proxy group, due to Turkish military action in the north.

Ankara in January launched a bloody operation around Afrin to push Kurdish fighters out of the city.
Many of the Kurds who had been engaged in anti-IS operations have quit that fight to support comrades in Afrin.

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