Monday, April 16, 2018

NEWS WITH VIEWS 04/16/2018

Next, We Must Bomb Myanmar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia And South Africa

This act of cowardice by terrorists killed two people, including an American GI; hundreds were wounded, including 50 to 60 Americans. Once Reagan was absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that Libya was responsible for this unprovoked act which led to the murder and injury of Americans, he acted without hesitation..........
by Devvy Kidd.

Mueller’s Team Of Legal Terrorists Plot To Destroy Our President

The President needs to call Sessions into his office and tell him to rein in Mueller, that his only investigation is into Russian collusion.  If Sessions refuses to do that for whatever reason, then Trump needs to hand him his resignation and say, “Sign here.”  I would do this immediately, but perhaps it would work best during a Congressional recess.  That way Trump could temporarily appoint whomever he wishes, just as G. W. Bush did with John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN in order to break through the wall of opposition.........
by Kelleigh Nelson

Our None Of Our Business Endless International Wars

Since my youth, I watched our country fight useless wars around the world for the past 60 years.  Korea killed 33,000 innocent American kids for absolutely nothing.  Vietnam killed 53,319 U.S. kids while injuring 350,000 both physically and mentally as it dragged on for 10 years. It accomplished nothing but death and ecological mayhem in Nam. It killed 2.3 million Vietamese.........
by Frosty Wooldridge

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