Saturday, March 17, 2018


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

If any Democrat member of Congress wonder why their party is held in disdain by the voters of America they need wonder no longer!

The latest reason for absolute disdain is the failure to condemn the unlawful and despicable acts of the FBI's Andrew McCabe. Rather than see McCabe for what he is the Democrats of Congress would rather 'sell' him as the victim of the Republican Party.

A man who lied before Congressional committees, conspired to join with other FBI management to interfere with a Presidential, sought to provide cover for criminal acts is now seen, by Democrats, as a victim!

The Democrats of Congress have lied to the media, to the American public and worse of all, to themselves about a 'Russian conspiracy, serves to add to the disdain held for themselves and their party.

A political party who put up a candidate who destroyed evidence related to e mail use as she jeopardized this entire nation, has earned disdain.

A political party who condoned Primary Election theft, debate cheating, health cover-up, and a myriad of other despicable actions has no place in American politics.

A political party who has adopted the Communist Manifesto has no place in American politics! 

When I titled this article as, "Disdain for Democrats," I may has well as titled it as "What Democrats Will Deny," as they surely will do just that!

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