Friday, March 30, 2018


Stand with Laura Ingraham, hold the IRS accountable, and other things you need to know:

The left is at it again, using bullying tactics to silence their opposition. This time they are attacking Laura Ingraham’s sponsors for her show on Fox News, The Ingraham Angle. Media Matters created a list of advertisers and several left-wing activists are urging their followers to tweet them and pressure them to stop advertising on Ingraham’s show. This is a petty and disgraceful thing for the left to do, but we cannot remain silent.
We have created a list of advertisers as well and we need to send them a message loud and clear that we are conservative Americans, we have a point of view, and we’re tired of the left using bullying tactics to try to silence the programming that we watch or the viewpoints that we hold. We are consumers too and we’re watching which advertisers rollover to the squeaky wheel of the left and will remember when it comes time to make purchasing decisions. 

We have made it easy for you to engage on Twitter. Simply visit our website for a list of advertisers to tweet. As longer as you’re logged into your twitter account, all you have to do is click the link to tweet and then click the button to send the tweet. It’s quick and easy and will go a long way to sending a message to corporations that they should think twice before they single out conservatives!

More on this issue…
 Exclusive — ‘Controversial Programming’: Progressive Insurance Pulls Ads from Laura Ingraham Show
A media ad-buying-and-placement firm for Progressive insurance notified radio affiliates on Friday morning to stop airing ads on or near Ingraham’s programming....
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 The Media Matters thuggery behind the astroturfed boycott of Laura Ingraham
Media Matters is once again using its tired, sleazebag astroturfing tactics to bully and intimidate those who don’t agree with its far-left agenda. This time, hiding behind a child, the despicable thugs are pushing for advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show...
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Veterans across America celebrated the first Vietnam War Veterans Day since President Trump signed into law last year to make the holiday official. This year marks the first of a 13-year-long celebration for veterans. Let’s honor the fallen military members and veterans who fought valiantly during the Vietnam War.

Jenny Beth Martin wrote a column back in January urging the Trump administration to get Internal Revenue Service (IRS) back on track after years of the agency evading regulatory oversight of its tax rules. Fast-forward to this week, it seem as though the administration is following her advice.
The White House is trying to give its budget office more control over IRS regulations.
The highly sensitive debate has consumed the attention of top officials at both agencies. At stake is the final say over IRS regulations — and the implementation of the Republicans’ tax law.
In recent weeks, the White House’s top attorney, Don McGahn, became involved in mediating this tussle — and at one point, Mnuchin even considered personally appealing to the president, according to one Republican close to the White House. Among some regulatory and budget experts, there is a sense that tax laws need more input from agencies outside of Treasury since they often affect billions of dollars.
A final and formal decision is expected in the next few weeks. A senior official at the OMB said the office does not “discuss ongoing and pre-decisional processes.”
A Treasury spokesperson said: “Treasury and OMB are working constructively together to reexamine the existing review process for tax rules.”
The IRS must be held to at least the same standard, if not a higher standard, given their power over taxpayers. It’s time for President Trump ensure the IRS understands that they must follow the same rules as every other executive branch agency.

The premier for Chappaquiddick is next Thursday, April 6 at select theaters around the country. It’s a political drama based on true events about the incident in which Ted Kennedy drove his car in a lake, killing Mary Jo Kopechne, and the investigation that followed. WATCH the trailer and don’t miss out on the film that everyone is talking about.

What You Need to Know this Week
 Liz Peek: Why should non-citizens, who can’t vote, be given representation in Congress?
Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced its decision to include a citizenship question in the 2020 census leaving many liberals outraged. The census provides data that determines how billions of dollars in federal program funds are distributed...
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 California county joins Trump administration in fight against sanctuary state
California’s Orange County joins the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state’s laws protecting illegal immigrants and interfering with federal authorities’ ability to do their jobs....
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 Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Weekly Report from Washington for 3/26/18
The House and Senate are both on their Easter Recess for two weeks. The Senate will return on Monday, April 9, while the House will return on Tuesday, April 10....
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