Sunday, March 4, 2018

NEWS WITH VIEWS 03/04/2018

Trump Is Right On Trade

Dr. Walter Williams was the first guest on Mark Levin’s new show on Fox News last week on Sunday night.  It was a fabulous show.  We should pay attention to many comments Dr. Williams made, but one statement stands out as a basic philosophy we all need to heed. He said those who think..........
by Marilyn M. Barnewall.

School Shootings: Are Today’s Secular Schools The Cause?

The evidence is in - Gun Free Zones do not work. The criminal knows that gun free zones assures him a safe working environment; he need not fear that anyone will fire back at him. A gun free zone is also another name for a soft target, and murderers are cowards, they always seek soft targets. For example, the movie theatre mass murderer in Aurora, Colorado drove past many other movie theaters to find the one that was a gun free zone. After all, who wouldn't want a safe working environment?....
by Rev. David Whitney

Billy Graham: Legacy of A True Hero

This last week we witnessed the passing of not just a man but a man like we have not seen in the public eye for decades upon decades.  But he was more than that.  He was a hero’s hero.  We have not seen a man in the public eye, with rare exceptions, especially a man in ministry, that has no skeletons in their closet.  Are there others. Yes! But none that have been in the public eye for the decades that Graham has.........
by Pastor Roger Anghis

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