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Have the Dems finally pushed Russia into the defense mode of fear because of the constant threats of sanctions? Or was it the push by the "Deep State" to force Trump into sending anti-missiles to Ukraine, Romania and Poland?

Going up against Russia in Syria isn't helping, or a possible war at Russia's backdoor with North Korea, plus a Communist China ticked-off over new tariffs over steel and aluminum imports to the U.S., the WWIII scenario is unfolding before our eyes......or is it an idle threat against something even bigger than most of the world doesn't know about?  

"The latest advances in Russian strategic deterrence have made America’s anti-missile systems obsolete, so Washington should stop trying to diminish Russia’s security and start talking to Moscow as an equal partner, not the dominant military power it seeks to be, Putin said."

"Obsolete" in the above Putin statement must be examined further and for those that can't see past their nose or fakestream media, this report is not for you. Sorry! Putin's latest threat is more of a call for unity with the U.S., and here is why........

A few of us in this network emailed each other back and forth discussing the Secret Space Program (SSP) involving reversed engineered interstellar craft created from discovered technology from crashed UFO's on earth, i.e., resulting the TR-3B triangle anti-gravity ship seen around the world, just one type of technology provided by the "visitors" to date.  "Operation Paperclip" brought thousands of NAZI scientists to America (after WWII) having perfected extraterrestrial travel towards the end of the war and THEIR contact with visitors, new revelations about NAZI technology has emerged from underground caverns in the Antarctica.

I've also discussed "contact between extraterrestrials and the USAF," and later with President Eisenhower, which a treaty signed between at least one race of aliens to allow for human studies and abductions was completed around 1953. I remember my mother showing me the Miami Herald news articles during the early 50's about that meeting, but back then, as opposed to now, UFO activity was openly discussed on TV, especially when Washington D.C. had a series of UFO activity over D.C. and Air Force jets scrambling from Andrews AFB to intercept. Those videos are on ScrewTube.

As technology advanced, the Illuminati (13 different blood lines) and their plans for a New World Order began to divide among the super powers and secrecy became a strategic tool for world dominance over countries that want(ed) their own world control, all sides vying for the same prize.

The question remains......are extraterrestrials working with Russia, China and the United States together or covertly, or just the U.S.? Could it be the war between certain extraterrestrial races have chosen sides for the ultimate prize......planet earth?

The answer to that question is probably evident with Russia's latest threat, coming out of nowhere, but aggravated by the "Deep State" pressure on Trump to prepare for war. If Russia doesn't have space based weapons, but knows the United States DOES HAVE weapons in space, then war is NOT likely unless something goes astray.

There is no doubt the missile launched from a rogue submarine towards Hawaii was destroyed from a space based weapon.

North Korea has backed-down (somewhat) and not as aggressive lately, because Munchkin-Un probably knows the extent of damage the "Rods From God" would inflict on his regime. Faster than he could react with no way for any country (China) to intercept the kinetic weapon of destruction....resulting no radiation fallout, but as deadly upon impact as an ICBM.

Laser technology from (guess who), is alleged to be a space based weapon as well and is mounted on certain military aircraft. We speculate a laser took-out the rogue missile destined for Hawaii.

The Secret Space Program (SSP) of technology.....unimaginable to fathom, capable of warp speed exceeding the speed of light and "we now have the technology to take E.T. home." ---2nd Director of Lockheed Skunk Works Ben Rich

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it.” (1)
“We now have technology to take ET home. No it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.” (1)
“There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build and the ones ‘they’ build.” (1)
And YES....there is a Secret Space Program that we are NOT suppose to know about, but what is happening...(1) the awakening of humanity (2) UFO sightings increasing (3) whistleblowers speaking-up and (4) Disclosure is necessary to avert a thermo-nuclear war.
In this video (worth watching) the discussion is about the SSP and NASA (the fake space program) created to keep the lid on secrets (a diversion) now being released. The Elon Musk corporate space program to take paying passengers to Mars is real, because the SSP is only for defense, world security, and exploration of distant planets happening now with military astronauts...and the only way to get government funding from the tax payer is to never fully disclose the SSP. The 3 bases on the moon are the gateway to interstellar travel which raises questions about why it was necessary to bamboozle the Soviet Union with the so-called "Race to the Moon" B.S.
Disclosure is happening, but in small increments in-order to help the population acclimate to a multi-dimensional universe with evidence of a spiritual war between good and evil now sweeping this planet. The New World Order is using Socialism as the feel good politics for the poor, while Communism is the manifesto for power and control of everything, including space. The globalist elites are in contact with extraterrestrial races that want control of humanity and using elites as their puppets, but we can bet...they would be eliminated as well.
Merging humans with Artificial Intelligence (Trans-humanism) is underway and the tech giants are telling us who or what our god will be in the future....the "A.I. Collective."
Preparing humanity for this transition requires extreme brainwashing via religion, Hollywood, CIA control of information, and Google as the technological infiltrator. The "Shadow Government" working behind the scenes with black projects beyond our imagination has been around since approximately 1947 when the only publicized crash of a UFO (Roswell) became headlines while several other crashes were not openly reported.
The final take-over of the planet requires an obedient (un-armed) population, but reduced to a mere "500 million," before a rogue enemy extraterrestrial race (falln' angels) appear as they did in the 2009 TV series "V" the Visitors.Again...Hollywood is always warning us in-order to acclimate us for the inevitable.
However, there is hope because there are at least two benevolent races helping humanity for what is coming. Their messages can be seen in the many crop circles that continue to this day, delivering coded messages with a "warning to be ready."Are THEY us from the future with a spiritual message, or is it just a deception? You decide by watching the next video linked in this report.
Socialism must be in place, all weapons confiscated, and Communist leaders in place that will follow the orders of a "Supreme Master" of the planet. The Bible says, he will rule from Jerusalem, while others say, Jerusalem will be destroyed.
Revelation is happening to a "T" and many speculate the Illuminati are following and creating the events of Revelation. But who knows....God (and/or the spiritual creator of everything) probably knew that to be.
These are exciting times for humanity and we have been chosen to be witnesses and watchers to help awaken those that can't see beyond their nose. We have been lied to for decades and everything isn't what it appears to be. Once you grasp the fact.....the Bible spells it out in many places; what we are experiencing now far exceeds what happened in the Bible. Extraterrestrials are coming and going, controlling and selecting humans for the End Game. They might appear as angelic or metallic, holograms and invisible, orbs or crop circle messages to shape shifting hybrid name it, they're everywhere in the universe, but which E.T. race(s) we're is dealing with, beyond the Greys and Tall Whites remains to be seen.
Finally, as I've told my Christian friends, be careful what light you decide to stand under, if and when you believe the "Rapture" has arrived....because you might find yourself working as a slave on some planet mining ore.
This video (below) is a collection of UFO videos and still pics that will astound you. Only a few I can easily dispute, but as the video progresses, the message is loud and clear....something is coming down the pike in our life time. Note: The fact the Mars Curiosity does NOT have a mechanical means for cleaning the solar panels, but are dirty in some pics and clean in others suggests an obvious answer to our REAL presence on Mars. The answer of how they are cleaned, you must watch the first video completely to understand how simple things really are.
Since Putin is now lashing-out against threats by NATO and the U.S., his proposed hypersonic ICBM that can evade anti-missile technology for a pre-emptive strike on America, is NOT helping relations with the U.S., but at the same time, the Dems keep pushing the Russian Collusion narrative and it's about time that President Trump begins shutting down the Mueller hearings and not worry about backlash from the Communist Left. Trump needs to meet with Putin and get his support for what might be the world's most dangerous enemy lurking out in space along with China in the mix.
UFO's are making their presence known (daily) as the U.S. and Russia do exactly the same with military flights close to each other's military bases.
---Dave Bertrand

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