Sunday, February 18, 2018


Joy Reid asks how NRA members sleep at night. Army vet’s response could not have nailed it better.

Rush shocks Chris Wallace with bold immigration proposal: I’ll support full amnesty on just ONE condition …

Bongino oozes with disgust for Pelosi; she ‘disgraces herself, her country … to knowingly lie to Americans’

Maria Bartiromo confronts Sessions over his weak behavior; he vows FBI’s handling of the dossier ‘will be investigated’

Congressman calls Trump ‘psychopath’ for saying out loud what rational-minded Americans are thinking about FBI

Eric Bolling opens up about his son’s overdose and what Trump did for him on Thanksgiving

Tucker vs. Rob Reiner. It was a hot match up.

Dems flock to Farrakhan … Waters at Nation of Islam convention where he blames US for suicide bombers

Parkland student was brave enough to tell MSNBC the truth: No, gun control wouldn’t have stopped tragedy

Teacher of the Year’s controversial ‘brave’ rant on parental responsibility goes viral after shooting

Nikolas Cruz’s younger brother forcibly committed to a mental hospital after shooting

Melania Trump encourages random acts of kindness, but gets something very different in return

Soros Jr is dropping huge stacks on Democrats

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